Find out why mastering your zone of genius is the ultimate leverage in your business, the path to highest revenues with more joy and much less hustle.
In the no-cost masterclass, I give you the six real, sustainable benefits of working in your zone of genius most of the time and not allow the comfort of your excellence zone to take over.

We begin to help you extract your genius talents to use for a leveraged, fulfilling business without the confusion, overwhelm and consistent stress. This will be a preview of my 7-week genius course.


You’ll define boundaries and say no easier and more confidently. You find yourself easily setting boundaries around what you will and will not focus your energy and emotions on. You will have a clear plan of what you will delegate and your non-negotiables.

You can be that savvy, leveraged, and joyfully empowered business owner generating, attracting and manifesting consistent revenues.

Do you know your zone of genius?

Let’s have you stop spinning your wheels wondering if what you are doing truly lights you up and is converting to higher revenues. No more guessing. Way more joy. Leverage that is sustainable.

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“Understanding that I am living in my zone of excellence explained why I am successful yet know there is more. It could also explain some of my physical conditions as I have ignored the call to genius. I have always helped others grow into the best version of themselves and now it is time for ME to do it for MYSELF.

The book content and Marla’s coaching helped me define my genius and what I can do to help others. Growing your genius became the basis for my intuitive life coaching brand, Luminary Insights!”

Ivanna Mann Thrower Anderson
Owner of Luminary Insights, Multilingual Educator and Success Coach

“Prior to working with Marla, I was afraid of owning my own potential. I convinced myself I was still new to the field and that no one would consider me an expert. Just before starting the program, I calculated that I had led 100 weddings in 6 ½ years. Reading The Big Leap came at the perfect time for me to understand that in order to up-level and reach my full potential, I have to own my worth and find ways to live in my genius zone more often.

I should not be buried deep in QuickBooks for hours each week because that is not my zone of genius. Marla helped me understand that valuing myself means delegating some of those tasks to experts in their own fields.

Updating the website, posting on social media, and managing my calendar are not activities with my genius zone. Meeting with clients, creating timelines, developing the wedding of my clients’ dreams are within my genius zone and that is what I should be spending my time and energy on. I had to push past my Upper Limit to get to where I can be as successful as I can be.”

Jordan Xu
Owner – Master Wedding Planner, Emily Jordan Events

“In conjunction with our calls/your training, it was a double whammy of knowing that it was time to be the master of my time and get out of ‘working in’ my business and get back to my creativity ASAP. By doing that, I’m not only more successful, but also more pleasant to be around. I’m back in touch with creativity and femininity!”

Veronica Puleo,
Singer, musical artist, vocal coach, dancer, voice actor, DJ, photographer, owner of The Replicas Music and Productions

Meet your success coach
and Genius Zone mentor

I’ve been transforming creative entrepreneurs’ lives for over 26 years through two businesses.

As a success coach, business strategist and transformational artist, I am passionate about helping women professionals and entrepreneurs collapse the time frame of achieving their desires and goals.

It’s time to make joy your inner GPS for life and business decisions rather than lean on your logic and reason, first.

You’ll not only be following what is most authentic to you and for you, but you will live the beautiful life meant just for you.

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