To the core, I am an artist, creative, writer, storyteller, visionary and dreamer. I grew up in the SF Valley here in L.A. in the 60s with Walt Disney as my visionary idol. My family sat in front of our TV set watching the Wonderful World of Disney every Sunday night. You, too?

Those were the early days of nourishing my genius as a young girl.

I was so touched and pleased with DISNEY once again when I read their news this week about their new project #DreamBigPrincess (Google it) in support of future women creative leaders – by launching a young girl’s filmmaker initiative and mentorship to inspire young creatives globally.

And, Jennifer Lee, who heads up the #DreamBigPrincess campaign, replaces the long standing John Lasseter, as head of Walt Disney animation. Disney is rebranding itself as a “female- empowered” company.

THIS makes my heart sing.  

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It’s not for everyone.

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With joy and blessings,