Talk about freedom! With July 4th coming up this weekend, my week 4 story is all about liberation!

Moving into 2021 from December 2020 was like walking on eggshells, wasn’t it?

No one really knew what to expect given the vaccination was in its early stages of release and we were all cautiously optimistic in seeing the end of the pandemic.

“The first Covid-19 vaccination in the United States has taken place, as the country gears up for its largest ever immunization campaign.

“I feel like healing is coming,” said New York nurse Sandra Lindsay – among the first health workers given the jab.

On Monday, as the US death toll topped 300,000, 150 hospitals across the country were to receive millions of vials of the Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine. The US vaccination program aims to reach 100 million people by April.”- BBC News December, 14, 2020

Much like thousands of U.S. based entrepreneurs starting 2021 with much anticipation of reprieve while being in apprehension, Robin Ingalls-Fitzgerald, President and Owner of Medical Management and Reimbursement Specialists, LLC, based in New Hampshire, was working at recovering her business from the ill-effects of the pandemic.

When we met, she had lower than usual revenues in her 15-year-old medical certified coding, billing, auditing, and educational business.

“My business took a hit as a result of Covid, like many businesses did. Not exclusive to my business or industry. I was getting frustrated around money. Why is money not coming in? Why can’t I achieve the sales I am accustomed to?  Why, why? Then I was referred to Marla from a colleague of mine and that’s when things began to turn around.” – explains Robin. (Video story click here) 

Robin and her team of experts serve hospitals, healthcare centers, and related medical offices with certified coding services, billing and claims management, coding and billing audits, coding education classes, and software solutions.

In short, they are THE magic behind the medical billing systems of our healthcare institutions. That’s a BIG impact.

Not only has she built a stellar reputation for excellent customer service in her niche, but her vision goes beyond the day-to-day workings of her company by believing her mission will elevate and innovate her home state of New Hampshire with high-tech jobs in her rural community.


I have two themes of intention in my coaching that I present on the first day of a client’s entrepreneurial program: “How good will you allow your life to get?” and “How much abundance and happiness will you allow at any given time?”

As you will find in this compelling story, Robin could be the poster-child of achieving these intentions very early on in her coaching program.

The swiftness of her turnaround from deep frustration and uncertainty in her cash-flow to the faucet being turned back on in full force in a short three-week time frame at the start of her 90-day program never ceases to amaze me.

Miracles are always available in the human spirit. Her successes continued to build momentum throughout the whole three months that is just about complete.

I am delighted to give you week four of my Visionary Leaders Summer Storytelling Series featuring Robin, a no excuses, high-achieving, and mission-based entrepreneur.


In late March we began exploring the condition and effects of her current money story, her self-care practices, the condition of her boundaries with family and clients, and the frequency of her spiritual practices using gratitude, Universal law of intention and affirmations.

One of Robin’s best assets coming into the program was her beautiful positive attitude about life. She is always fun and enjoyable to be with and she finds the lightness of life to live by. She is often ready to go with a winning mindset. This played out well in what became her biggest successes of 2021 so far.

“Marla pointed out to me I had a block around money. So, I applied the techniques she has taught me in my personal life and business and, a MIRACLE happened, a blessing, a gift!” explains Robin.


In three weeks from starting her coaching, she executed four brand new contracts (clients) that came out of left field and three more proposals back then ready to convert into contracts.

She did not search for them.

These clients showed up as soon as she became aligned with her worth, let go of old adopted money habits, beliefs, and behaviors and went for the intuitive route instead of “massive action” pushing the boulder up the hill type of mentality.

The clients came to her via LinkedIn and other resources without her searching. Her momentum since has not waivered. Each week I have received good news that more new contracts are complete as her revenues keep increasing.

“A month prior to the coaching, I had no prospects coming in. These new clients came to me without doing any strategic marketing. It’s mind-blowing, amazing! I have had major transformation in my life and business in the first month of applying techniques.” adds Robin.

It’s no coincidence these clients showed up. For 11 years teaching the money transformation method I witness these quick manifestations all-the-time.

She was very loyal to the tools and techniques I taught. As a result, she manifested her desires quickly. See, thinking you know the time frame of what it will take to create results is a myth.

What is true, however, is trusting in your intuition to lead the way along with partnering with quantum physics (energy) and being loyal to a success mindset.  Add being dedicated to taking action and you will see fast results.

We also had a blast using Pam Grout’s book, THANK AND GROW RICH, to add fun to the transformation process. If you know Pam Grout, she has a uniquely whimsical approach to metaphysics, the power of gratitude, universal intelligence, and living in your joy.

All that combined with applying new money habits of being more connected with her numbers, more efficient invoicing, being proactive in her negative self-talk, and implementing my qualifying sales system, Robin gladly said goodbye to the effects of the pandemic and took her power back living in her joy most of the time. So proud of this gal! Amazing.

Let’s see about navigating your business success and becoming a featured Visionary Leader. Email to schedule an intro call.

Happy July 4th holiday!