Raising your wealth consciousness for higher sales conversion

Masterclass with Marla Diann

What is the best approach to having a healthy, enlightened, and potentially prosperous relationship with money so that it rewards you for your passion and hard work as a woman creative?

During this free masterclass, we’ll explore money blind-spots, mindset, behaviors, and habits that are causing frustrating sales meetings and results. Success in pricing and closing sales begins with your own money relationship and what you unconsciously feel you are worth.

If there is one vital component missing – you are sure to have a challenge at achieving your financial goals. THAT is your wealth consciousness. Enter your name and email to watch the masterclass now.

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I’ll teach and we’ll discuss:


Strategies to remain firm on pricing


How to set stronger boundaries for empowering money conversations


How to determine if you are properly priced


4 success strategies to raise your wealth consciousness


Appropriate and effective strategies to increase pricing at periodic intervals


3 empowering questions to help you create a higher revenue state of mind

About Marla Diann

Marla Diann is an international success coach and business strategist for creative entrepreneurs and professionals who are committed to upgrading to the next level of life and business mentally, emotionally, financially and spiritually.

Her 10-year-old mentoring company and brand speaks to visionaries and thought leaders in the creative and wedding industries seeking to be change makers.

Marla guides her entrepreneur clients to identify and implement new success habits, a renewed creativity and discovery of their genius zone, new behaviors, new mindset, and a transformed, more congruent relationship with money.

She brings over 30+ years of entertainment PR & talent management, branding, entrepreneurship, personal growth, professional development, mentoring, coaching, and women/young girls philanthropy to her relationships.

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