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Featuring 6 Proven Methods to Mastering Your Spiritual Leadership

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I’ll teach and we’ll discuss:


How fine tuning into your power channels of intuition and gratitude will speed up your manifesting.

Our intuition can only be felt or heard when we allow it to come through and are conscious of it. Intuition is our superpower. Combine that with a mindset and habit of proper daily gratitude and you have two of life’s most potent collaborators of manifesting. Gratitude is a multiplier of good.

An overview of my 6 Proven Methods to Mastering Your Spiritual Leadership and how to take action


How doing less while creating more of what you want is a matter of trust, faith and breaking patterns of struggle.


Demystify how spiritual guidance is available to you any moment any day.


I will open it up for lively discussions around this energizing topic with like-minded people!

Enough already! Let’s breakthrough this serious, heavy stuff that’s been weighing us down for seven months already!

Say this with me out loud! “I am no longer available to be manipulated by the propaganda news, the fears, the worries, the doubts, the negative energies, low vibe discussions and anything that clouds my wide view of my brilliant vision of freedom, success and happiness!”

It begins with a swift mindset shift!

Just. Like. That. Then next…

…it’s time to shake up your work life and personal life by tuning into your power channels of intuition and gratitude!

These are not soft life skills that can be negotiated from logic. They are rock-solid, thousands of years old, high-achieving proven methods of living a remarkable life where you quickly manifest small and large miracles and results daily, weekly and monthly.

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Whoohoo! I will be using the metaphor of a wild white-water rafting adventure vs. the quiet flow of drifting down the river to help revitalize you to create a mindset and energetic shift to no longer tolerate your worn thin mindset while living in the middle of this global disruption!

We will explore the depth and commitment of your spiritual practices, which is designed to help ground you in the midst of all this surrounding uncertainty and chaos.

Here’s the reality:

All of our certainty in systems and institutions that once defined us and we relied upon are breaking down and being transformed right before our eyes. Whether it’s the school systems, shared work spaces, money systems, or environmental systems, they are all changing.

This is where your Spiritual Leadership comes in.

I know you want faster, more fulfilling results in your personal and work life! Well, the secret to ramping it up is take spiritually aligned actions with the support of partnering with Universal Intelligence (Spirit, Source, Higher Power, etc.) consistently. And when you fall off the wagon, you just recommit.

In my BRAND-NEW Adventure Masterclass, I’m teaching you how to ramp up your commitment and consistency with your spiritual practices and partnership with your higher power for all the reasons above.

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