Play with me for a moment. Say this out loud right now whatever you’re doing and wherever you are, “Who else can do this?” 

How does it feel to say that?

As a business owner, I want you to get a sense for how it feels to be in the habit of thinking and saying this every day as you are knee deep in projects, your excellence zone, taking in tasks that are not yours, client servicing, sales, marketing, and more.

My leverage formula A.D.D. – Automate, Delegate or Delete is the secret to getting better at this. I know it takes recommitting over and over until it’s a normal.

That’s what I aspire for you so you are happier, less resentful in doing things you shouldn’t be doing, and have much more energy and passion.

Who else can do this?” is the mindset and action of a CEO; not a DIY business owner.

Please place those five amazing words on a note sitting right in front of you at your desk, on your phone screen, and near any work-related areas you most often sit at.

It will not only become your new normal, but liberate you to the next level of a real, leveraged, scaled, business owner. This also applies to my professionals in management roles or C-Space.

THE only way to grow and leverage your company or team, whichever size that is for you, is to learn how to delegate, hire, and lead like a CEO. It’s time to be the leader who builds smart, talented people around them.

Please work through this with coaching on any resistance, fear, or trust issues around delegation, hiring, and leading like a CEO. You become the bottleneck to your growth and FREEDOM by being more loyal to those issues than your growth and freedom. I understand. It took me enough times getting frustrated to finally get it!

A CEO shifts from doing to receiving. She/he receives:

  • Support from your team
  • High-level mentorship
  • A functional & high vibe work space
  • Consistent self-care
  • Healthy, positive relationships
  • Care & Attention

Here are a few recommended resources on the topic of leading and leverage:

1. Multipliers: How the Best Leaders Make Everyone Smarter

2. Simon Sinek’s world-renowned Ted Talk, “How Great Leaders Inspire Action,” that spun off into his “Start with WHY” leadership platform and company.

3. Marie Forleo interviewing Simon: How to Be A Great Leader: Inspiring Others to Do Remarkable Things

You can do this! Interested in laser coaching to become a better delegator and leader in your business? Email my team to schedule a chat with me to explore.

I believe in you, always,