Stories of overcoming odds and coming out on top always inspire us!  I so enjoy bringing you new, fresh ideas and innovative experts that you can draw from for your own successes. 🙂


home_featuredI’m delighted to introduce my colleague and good friend Dr. Meg Haworth, a Los Angeles based Holistic Psychologist, Nutrition Strategist and Private Celebrity Chef, who has an incredible story how she healed herself from years of debilitating health issues that led her to a profession of Integrative Health.


Today she has been helping people for over twenty years heal their health issues via food choices, nutrition, meditation, and mindset using her unique integrative approach to living life with vitality and congruency.


Dr. Meg is an author of five books and producer of her cutting-edge “Get Well” podcast series.


When she and I first met – we talked at length about our love of health and wellness.  I found a kindred spirit in her where we both shared stories of overcoming major health issues and turning our challenge into a gift. Health is my number one value in life. I bring this passion to my integrative approach to mentoring.


So what does this have to do with branding and business coaching? In my world…everything.


Dr. Meg was intrigued by my integrative approach to branding and business coaching where I explore the creative entrepreneurial woman’s habits, behaviors, decision making and money relationship and how that can be re-calibrated for a more joyful experience and higher revenues.


I mentor passionate, ambitious creative women how to navigate a clear path to higher, more consistent revenues without compromising their health, well-being, dignity, family or values. 


I have beautifully creative high achieving women come to me seeking solutions to their many frustrations running a business.  My personal development approach assists my clients in being more congruent in both their business and personal life.


Dr. Meg and I had an intriguing conversation about all this which was recorded last week to be available this Thursday, March 24th on her blog!


Go here to listen in on Thursday. We go into some real personal stuff about our healing journeys and one of my recent challenges that made me stop and listen to my body and intuition. I was driven by so much stress that I finally hit a wall and had to take a step back and evaluate my life.


I am grateful to have been invited to the series. She features healers and integrative experts of all kinds in her Get Well Soon Podcast Series.


Join us by marking on your calendar to visit Dr. Meg’s blog this Thursday. Save the date!


You can listen in at your convenience. Free. There is no specific time. The interview will be up ready for you the morning of March 24th.


Would you let us know how it inspired you by posting on her blog? We’d love that. Oh and share this with your friends, too! Pay it forward 🙂



To your health and wellness!

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