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This past Memorial Day weekend, we all enjoyed our friends and family with outdoor play, BBQs and letting go of our disciplined schedules for fun!  We were celebrating another year of our country’s freedom. Thanks to the extraordinary men and women who took a stand by living in extreme courage to preserve our values and freedom – we honored them in celebration.


What’s your stand and where does your courage reside? Will you leave a legacy (small or large), too?


In my previous post, I stated there is an evolutionary change in the air and many leaders in various industries are heeding the call.


Here’s how that call could look like.


You’ve had successes in your career and you intuitively know it’s time for a change to take a leap of faith that will affect more people on a wider scale. Your leadership qualities are in need of a new platform. You may not know what that leap looks like yet, but you have a “stirring” in your heart that is asking to be expressed. You feel it’s time to be a role model to your tribe who are seeking your knowledge and inspiration.


Or heeding the call could look like this:


I spoke with a woman from my Facebook page on Sunday who said to me (I paraphrase):


take flight“It’s time I come out from hiding my light and take a stand for who I am and my message. I’ve been withholding it due to life challenges, but when I read your event page about being a thought leader and serving a bigger purpose than my own, I knew I had to sign up for the mastermind course. It’s time. I feel it.”


This is brilliant (and very exciting!).


Her scenario is very common. It’s actually her fear of “am I enough?” to affect change while being in the spotlight. That’s the extraordinary breakthrough point. Subconsciously she just needed permission to take a stand. June 18th I am giving you that permission to take flight with a new thought leader brand.


You ready?


I ask you this: how much longer are you going to withhold your voice, brilliance, and purpose? Hidden in the fear is your opportunity for the biggest growth and breakthrough yet.


When we choose courage over fear, we allow our heart to have a voice in our life choices. We allow our passion to lead; and that’s when lives are inspired and transformed.


Guarantee the collaboration that will happen in that room the evening of June 18th will be so dynamic that long held ideas needing to be birthed will happen and soon shared with the world.


The electricity in the air will be palpable!


I’m expecting these leaders, visionaries, and innovators together to leave that evening on a new “high” that will affect change in our culture. They will have begun creating their new branding platform which will then require delivery via a savvy strategic plan.


If you are an author, speaker, woman business owner, event industry entrepreneur, c-level executive, accomplished artist, high level entertainment professional, marketing/branding expert, networking expert, coach, or mentor – you potentially fit the profile of a though leader brand.


Over the next 12-18 months the much talked about evolution online will need your leadership to implement change on small and larger levels. It has been instigated by the excessive congestion online. The loud noise. It’s about changing the conversation to stand out and inspire broader consciousness. Today we call that being a “thought leader.”


You game?


If so, it’s time you step up to stand out to inspire change for the greater good.




Here are a few inspiring steps to begin building momentum for your thought leadership platform:


  1. Study thought leader role models around you. Get inspired by their courage. Research top-rated blogs in your area of expertise. Take note how they developed their following and express their intention. Scan the best selling books and see what the masses want to know. Observe.
  1. Being a thought leader means sharing your ideas publicly that you may have long been hiding or you’ve been hesitant to speak out. Here’s the truth: by not sharing our stories, innovations, and ideas, someone else is. Your voice matters. We all have something important to contribute. If we are not sharing our best ideas, then change will not happen at a cost to society. (Leaders are change agents). Your ideas and expertise matter. Create a blog and signature speech that can be exposed to the masses. Begin a conversation. Look for small groups to deliver your speech.
  1. Find tracking tools to measure your impact and influence once you get started building a momentum. Use Google’s ‘What Do You Love” search tool for keywords helping you find trends and resources for your topic.


June 18th begins your dynamic journey.


Click here for more details, our guest speakers, and to save your spot. Registrations are coming in. I’m making this a powerful small group of 35. Secure your seat.


Let’s do this TOGETHER,

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