Personal Branding is Who You Are; Not What You Do


That’s been my tag line since 2008 when I began coaching creative entrepreneurs how to turn themselves into a brand online and monetize it.

I decided to reinvent myself after 22 years in entertainment publicity because it was an intuitive nudge that said – time to do something more meaningful and at the same time the world was evolving to online – this was 2006, 2007. I was so inspired by the innovation of viral videos, blogs, social platforms – remember MY SPACE?

My entire PR career, I built and managed personality PR for celebrities, visual and performing artists creating personal brands strategically on how the world perceived them.

Bringing everything offline to online, I knew I had to learn a whole new way of working – so I put it out to the Universe and allowed myself to be in discovery mode for about a year.  

It was the emergence of the online world that caught my attention in 2005, 2006 that eventually led me to a women’s business coach who was teaching how to build an online business. That all sounded great, but I had no idea what I would do and how to build that online until she gave me my path.

She said “You have been developing personal brands for over 20 yrs. Develop yourself into a personal branding coach for entrepreneurs and teach them how to turn themselves into a brand and monetize it through email marketing, social media, and a blog. I thought – great! But how do I that?

Join me in my solo episode in how all that played out with highlights of how I’ve been teaching personal branding over the last 16 years. 

Learn what one brand element is core to your success in personal branding and how the power of storytelling is life changing with an opportunity to rebrand yourself or start from ground zero.

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I’ve been transforming creative entrepreneurs’ lives for over 27 years through two businesses. As a success coach and business strategist, I am passionate about helping entrepreneurs collapse the time frame of achieving their desires and goals.

It’s time to make joy your inner GPS for life and business decisions rather than lean on your logic and reason, first.

You’ll not only be following what is most authentic to you and for you, but you will live the beautiful life meant just for you.

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