Ep #56: Leaving her legacy by inspiring lives through her music began at the 1969 Woodstock Festival

Happy New Year! This is the last episode of 2023. Thank you for being with me and my guests all year – I am so grateful and blessed to have a platform to bring you behind the scenes of a variety of creative entrepreneurs from all over the world who are willing to be vulnerable and share their challenge to victory stories to give you hope and inspiration. Their stories illuminate the realities of being that passionate entrepreneur who is resilient, driven, and a visionary.

You will find in all the stories, each of my creatives knew intuitively what was best for them especially in the face of uncertainty and what others may have wanted. They took a sharp right turn from what they were doing to follow their joy – that inner nudge – redirecting them on another path unplanned yet much more in alignment with who they were meant to be.

With that, my last guest of 2023 is a beautiful example of this scenario. Carlene Thissen, an original hippie girl from the 60s, is an author and a singer/songwriter who expresses her artistry through singing, guitar, and piano but her career didn’t follow that path for a while, which you will hear how she made her sharp right turn to follow her joy and intuition.

Carlene says the best three days of her life were spent at the world famous 1969 Woodstock Music Festival. Today, she offers you an immersive experience of that story in her multimedia program.

Her autobiographical song, “Back There Again,” this Woodstock hippie girl, “…cut her hair and got a career, and lost herself for 30 odd years,” is the journey of when she detoured from her creative roots.

Carlene says a series of God-driven (intuitive) events led her back to her true calling. I know you will love her story as much as I did. Wishing you an outstanding 2024!

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