Ep #51: Position Your Expert Credibility Using Kelley’s Proven 3-part News Angle Formula

Today we are diving into the power of a personal brand using an on-camera presence from a two-decade long expert’s point of view. I spent the first half of my career for 22 years as an entertainment publicist in Hollywood. I monetized my PR Journalism degree into a dynamic, fun, creative career composing news and feature angles to secure media coverage for my celebrity clients, visual and performing artists. That looked like red carpet events, film premieres, photo shoots at amazing locations, Hollywood parties, being the gatekeeper for high profile names and artists. My former career info lays the foundation for the importance of today’s guest, Kelley Day, Head Media Coach for Keri Murphy’s Inspired Living TV. She was right there with me in the Journalism field years ago but Kelley was on the broadcast side in-front of the camera, whereas I was behind the camera pitching media to interview my clients. Kelley reported and anchored the news for 23 years on local ABC, CBS, NBC and FOX stations in four states. After leaving the grind of the daily news ‘biz’, she decided to take her talents ‘off air’ to teach business owners how to get media attention to grow their bottom line. She joined Keri Murphy’s Inspired Living company as her media and on-camera coach seven years ago. You hear her intuitive story about how she started her broadcast career and the reinvention of her expertise to coach 23 years later. She gives plenty of nuggets in how to build your expert credibility using media interviews and video marketing! She shares a BIG nugget on how to craft a news angle to pitch the media that will attract the editor’s attention to book your interview. Learn how to convert your videos to clients in Inspired Living’s 5-day challenge starting Oct 23. She founded South Bay Business Lawyers in 2007, changing the firm’s name to Chase Law Group in 2015. In today’s episode she tells you the behind the scenes of what lead to her becoming a business attorney. DeAnn is your legal expert for contracts, sole proprietorship, the difference between an LLC and S Corp – and which one is your best choice given your business structure and goals. She is your go-to-expert also for trademarking, copyright, purchasing a business, and all the vital details. She shares about her first ten years defending small and medium-sized businesses in complex litigation matters in virtually every courthouse throughout Southern California that led to opening a private practice of her own. You’ll be impressed as I was listening to all her community involvement in our Beach cities’ organizations, non-profits, and women’s empowerment initiatives. She’s a woman on a mission to help business owners be smart, savvy, and protected. Take good notes from this wealth of knowledge. She’s the real deal.

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