Ep #42: Married couple trade in their political prowess for words of love

Nicole and Brian, both working in politics in DC for over two decades in marketing, advertising, consulting, communications, and writing, had long been wanting to transition out of politics.

Mid 2021 something unexpected happened. As Brian was doing some research on how to apply his political speechwriting and media training to a new career, and as friends and family asked for help with their weddings, Brian and Nicole found they loved doing it. Kismet. 

VowsandSpeeches.com was born. Within a day of designing a fast-comprehensive website, sharing their idea with a few wedding industry friends, and buying Google search ads, they had their first client. A new niche was created helping wedding couples with unique vows and training in the delivery of their speeches. Clearly an underserved part of the wedding industry. They also serve new officiants with custom vows and wedding ceremonies.

Listen to this fascinating story where a married couple trade in their political prowess for words of love.   

VowsAndSpeeches.com or brian@vowsandspeeches.com.   310-994-9495 @vowsandspeeches  

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