Ep #34: Slowing Down Became Her Superpower in Business and Life

Veronica has acquired a depth of knowledge in the events industry since 2000. She began in catering and photography, all the while performing with several bands in and around Los Angeles. From room acoustics and set design to lighting and staging, timeline and flow, Veronica has mastered the importance of sound, ambiance, and performance for all her clients.

In 2011, following 12 years of running a successful photography business – while acting, singing and dancing – Veronica was inspired to shift her purpose and started a music agency to help her fellow musicians get more great paying work.

Whether on stage or running her music company, Veronica Puleo takes events to a whole new level. She prides herself on her quality of service, guiding clients and planners through the many ensemble choices, customizing and designing the ideal soundscape for each event with every aspect of the production in mind.

In today’s episode Veronica opens up about how her go-go-go way of life was challenged in 2020 and like many others she hit a wall. This experience turned out to be a blessing in disguise, transforming her and her business. Slowing down became her superpower for well-being.

If you are daydreaming about how to slow down while still being productive, take a moment and tune into Veronica’s story to get inspired and learn a few things to help you do exactly that.

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