It’s a beautiful day to be alive! Hello Creatives,

May is always a good time to recommit to personal and professional goals now that you have had four months to move this year into momentum. And, this fits well with May’s theme, Follow Your Joy.

So, please take the time to fill in these affirmations today and pin these up where you can see them daily, i.e., cell phone screen, bathroom mirror, laptop screen, office wall.

Envision Your Best Life

Compose your positive affirmations

On your own document, complete these prompts to create your own positive affirmations. Sit quietly, first. Get centered. Focus on your heart. Ask your intuition for answers to these.

 (Resource: Jacquie Freeman, Daily Rituals: 30-Days to Peace, Empowerment & Clarity)

1. Career: I am grateful and joyful that I am…

2. Finances, money relationship: I am excited and feel amazing because…

3. Relationships: I am joyful to be…

4. Health & Fitness: I am feeling incredible that…

5. Community engagement: I am feeling happy and connected now that…

6. Recreation/Fun/Pleasure: I am grateful and joyful that I am…

7. Personal development: I am accomplishing….

8. Spiritual growth: I feel deeply connected to my higher power because…

Now take these completed affirmations
and say them aloud every day.

You will be recalibrating your vibration. Like attracts like. 

​Oh, be on the watch! My new podcast, FOLLOW YOUR JOY, is about to be launched!

The premise to Follow Your Joy speaks to your inner GPS.

When we listen to what lights us up more often, we can eliminate burnout, overwhelm, and frustration from doing things that are not typically aligned with our joy and higher revenues. And, if not followed, we are more than likely not living the life we imagined.

Joy can’t be relegated to just a good feeling. It’s a beautifully proven life and business strategy. When we follow our joy and say tuned into it, you will live a more authentic life meant for us. The key is intuition will tell you to keep doing whatever brings you the most joy.

Solocasts about developing your intuition for business, following your joy, ban the burnout coaching, savvy business strategies, money relationship transformations, and creative entrepreneurial stories and conversations headed your way!

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Have a blessed week,