It’s a beautiful day to be alive! Happy Thanksgiving

As you enjoy the holiday weekend, I am thinking of you and your self-care.

One of the more common beliefs and habits I hear ALL the time from my high achieving creative entrepreneurs is if they are not working; they are not productive. The thought of even slowing down to give themselves a break of any length to sit on the sofa with a fun magazine or book or go outside for a walk is misconstrued as NOT being productive.

The guilt sets in.

I heard my client say recently, “I feel unproductive if I were to give myself downtime to just read a magazine or book during the day. If I am not doing something to make money, then it’s a waste of time.” 

(That’s a culture-induced behavior and mindset. You won’t find Italians feeling guilty spending most days with a two-hour break in the day for connecting, eating, and quality time away from work. )

Now, I am 100% behind the strategy of high pay-off activities as you know, but not at the expense of your well-being and creativity. Balance is key here.

My response to my clients are: “Let’s reframe that and begin to change your mindset and story about the truth of downtime. It is THE mother of inspiration. We must take time to be in-flow mode. That’s our creative, intuitive, visionary mode where we stop being in drive mode, masculine, doing, pushing, and strategizing. Our best ideas come to us when we are in flow mode quiet enough to listen for the inspiration.”

There is a time for drive mode and a time for downtime where you are in creative RECEIVING mode allowing thoughts, ideas, and inspiration to show up.

Some of our best ideas for our business and our own well-being come from those quiet moments. It’s ok to replenish your energy by taking a quiet break to go into creative flow mode even for 20 min or even for a full day.

Don’t allow your ego to seduce you with the guilt of non-productivity. It’s not true. It’s the ego (and workaholic tendencies) keeping you from the joy and happiness of creativity that gives birth to some of your most remarkable ideas and motivation.

So, during your downtime this holiday, give yourself a guilt-free mindset and allow the creativity to flow.

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Gratitude & abundance for you and your family,