Oh here we go!


It’s a time for reflection again for the year you just completed as you gear up for the future – your new year ahead. Hope your holidays have been special and heartwarming.


I’ll share some of my thoughts and intentions for 2015 to see if you can relate and hopefully inspire you to simplify, deepen your intuition, and create real, genuine, and congruent 2015 intentions you know you will make you LEAP, stretch and evolve.


My thoughts and intentions for 2015…In reflection as I got quiet and listened to my intuition, it occurred to me I have been an entrepreneur for over 18 years and what a journey it’s been. I was directed by my intuition to create an inventory of my life, goals, passions, interests, and what brings me the most joy. Humbled, I realized I am now living ACT 2, the 2nd part of my life and I have the choice to do it with more grace and ease. Additionally, to the best of my ability – do ONLY what I love and that which brings me joy. I’m honoring the Divine in me and my truth. The more I listen to my intuition, the more I live an uncomplicated, abundantly joy-filled life and the better I get at decision-making that aligns with my values.


I wish that for you.


As a New Year’s gift, I have my annual Goal Setting Checklist from the Inside Out: An Innovative Approach to Setting New Intentions. I would be surprised if you saw one like this. It’s as unique as you are. My gift to you – click here – to download your copy. Promise yourself you will either review your new goals you already created using this method or get a jump-start on brand new goals and intentions with this checklist.


You’ll be adding joy to my life by sharing with me some of your intentions by replying here on the blog or going to my Facebook page to post. By taking a stand out loud you claim it!


Wishing you so much joy and expansion for 2015!


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As a former publicist and personal branding expert in Hollywood for over 22 years, I designed traditional media campaigns for celebrities, visual and performing artists. In 2008, I re-invented and innovated my expertise by creating a mentorship business model. Today this translates to mentoring entrepreneurs how to bring out their unique charisma, message and essence through a confident, congruent, Urban Chic bold brand. We accomplish this by using an innovative business model and a healthy relationship with money that converts to leads, ideal clients & higher revenues.