momentum-marlaSpeaking of momentum! Encouraging story to share.


A client, who is a high level executive expert, crafts her story for her brand during our coaching sessions. We collaborate. I give her permission to be ALL of her; not what she thinks others want.


She comes out from hiding. Her story is genuine, sexy, fun, inspiring, poignant. Several months later after placing her story on her "My Story" site page – she gets the attention of a major industry magazine who wants to feature her in their Sept. issue.


Their reason: they loved how inspiring, transparent and compelling her story was. Her expertise was a perfect fit for their readers.


An excerpt from my client's Facebook private message, "I wanted you to know that the profile we did together caught the attention of a major magazine in Canada. I am going to be featured in the 2014 issue. It will be an insert into approx 125K newspapers to high income households throughout Canada. They loved the "about me" page."


Now that's an amazing opportunity for solid publicity for her. A magazine feature all because the editors liked her story. As a former publicist I know journalists are always looking for a compelling story to read and inspire them for good editorial content.


My message…craft a compelling, vulnerable, real story (not a resume) for your brand and be open to creating the RIGHT perception for the RIGHT media to come calling!


The right brand story can also create a BIG momentum you never planned. It's called being congruent. When that "congruent energy" happens…synchronicities like this client's happen.


And this can happen for you with the right mentorship in designing your personal brand content.


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Abundant Prosperity & Gratitude!  

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P.S. I wrote two blog posts just for you to help you with personal branding secrets in what makes a compelling brand that influences the masses.  – here are the links to that rich content –  "10 Things We Love About Sandra Bullock's Brand" and Julia Roberts' brand. I'll be going through this on Sept 4th.