Have you seen Built in L.A.?

At first glance it looks like an employment site for startups, established tech companies, and networking events for all of the above. But, when you look at the depth of this site, it’s chock-full of ideas, creative inspiration and potential business!

Here’s why I got inspired to share this with you.

1.  There’s something very inspiring to have access to a community site with the most up-to-date Los Angeles based recent startups, growth companies, and networking opportunities with content creators!

As an entrepreneur, you want to be on the cutting edge of technology for not only being “in-the-know” but there are client opportunities here! For example, if you are in the event industry, these can be potential company events you service. If you are in branding or consulting, you can use this as a resource to reach out for new business. Whatever service you offer, here is a HUB of tech companies in L.A. that can be great networking

2.  If you take a look at this page, you can get a feel for who’s hiring. It’s worth a try to see if they take outside consultants or experts on a project basis? Don’t assume they only want employees. Each company lists 3, 10, 15, 34 and more job openings. They need support.

3.  Read the Blog to stay in the know. It’s quite interesting and inspiring. Research the companies they feature.

Make your presence known. Go get ‘em!

Have an outstanding week,