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I am so excited to support you in transforming your relationship with money. In this profound digital workbook, you will start (or uplevel) redefining how you feel, act, and think about money. This will question the status quo on what you believe to be true about money. It goes far and wide.

FYI, there is a method to this! Meaning, take yourself through the exercises while in a quiet space. Then, I have a recommended next step that will help you anchor the new information into your consciousness and awareness, rather than it just be mindful, it will become an integrative process.

In this workbook, we begin to recalibrate your money story by becoming very aware of the old rules, beliefs, habits and behaviors that are running your life. What follows is upleveling your self-worth while elevating your wealth consciousness (money habits, behaviors & mindset) that align with your new truth about money.

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