Whenever I want practical, no-hype, solid-proven advice, better life skills, and inspiration how to change something in my life, I always turn to success coach/speaker/author Jack Canfield for his YouTube channel and highly acclaimed book, The Success Principles. That’s why his book is one of my top 5 of 20 books I recommend on my book list

This past weekend was one of those times I craved practical, straight up advice and inspiration. I pulled up Jack’s YouTube channel and opened up The Success Principles to read his chapter on ‘When in doubt, check it out” and “Practice uncommon appreciation” chapters.

This 11 min video will absolutely inspire you to go beyond self-doubt and believe in your power to succeed. “Why everything you believe matters”

Jack is a compelling storyteller and widely respected international success coach for over 50 years.  He and Tony Robbins are my longest held mentors whom I continue to follow and recommend. I began studying with them in early 2000 long before coaching as a profession was even a consideration in my life.

Remember Chicken Soup for the Soul books/brand?

That was his book co-authored with Mark Victor Hansen, as a brand and franchise in the early 90s, until he sold it for millions to another publishing house. Click here for a 1-minute video where he tells the secret to the overwhelming success of the book franchise.

BTW, the major struggle to victory story behind Chicken Soup book idea being accepted by a publisher is beyond remarkable. After months and months of rejections (over 100), they prevailed. “Ask, ask, ask” is his famous approach to believing in what you are offering.

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Enjoy all the resources and let me know how they inspired you!  Rev up the power for few more weeks in 2019.

Happy Holidays!