I had an “aha” moment today during an email conversation with a creative entrepreneur interested in having a discovery call with me. It was an eye opener that I felt was important enough to share given this is probably a common scenario maybe even with you. I call this message “Assumptions could prevent you from achieving your good fortune.”  


The best topics to write about are those I get from being on the front lines with these wonderful, driven, passionate business owners. So here goes.


I’ll give you a set up to the email excerpt below that best explains what I am attempting to get across to you. Whatever your challenge may be in business, branding or with your money relationship, the change begins with a profound shift in your mindset. Which, by the way, this can apply to anything else in your life; not just business.


Whether you think you are ready for my coaching or anyone else’s – I am urging you to let go of assumptions you may have as to how the discovery call or coaching program will go. I can guarantee whatever those assumptions are – they come from your old belief system that got you to where you are today; they won’t get you to where you want to go. Hence, your assumptions (beliefs) can prevent you from your good fortune.


That next level you are aspiring to achieve requires you to evolve, think from a whole new perspective, and take very different actions to manifest that vision. After reading the excerpt below, I am encouraging you to let go of your fears, assumptions, preconceived notions how anything will go and take a leap of faith with an action knowing you will be led down the right path for your dreams. Make decisions from where you want to be; not where you are. Your good fortune is waiting.


Backstory: The interested entrepreneur kept putting off booking her discovery call yet she was the one who reached out to me! It’s not my style to chase after people. They are either willing to take a leap or not. I will, however, call you to the mat if I see you are “avoiding” and assuming; as what I did in this email conversation.


Here’s my reply to her email that had loads of assumptions about the discovery call:


“You have a lot of assumptions that I acknowledge, but they are assumptions that don’t hold truth. The purpose of the discovery call is to dive into your dreams, desires, and look at possible solutions. It also serves as a screening process to see if you are a fit for my coaching style and for you to do the same. We can’t make assumptions. 


I want you and me to make an educated decision whether you are ready to do the work for transformation or not. It’s that simple. I may find that you are not ready (mindset and action) in my opinion. I only work with those committed to changing what is not working in their life and a willingness to be creative and collaborative to come up with solutions while being committed to do the work to get there. From my expert perspective thus far- you need a major mindset breakthrough to create or attract your good fortune. 


I also help my clients make sense of their money relationship and how they get rewarded for their passion while looking at their business model to see if it is actually supporting that. There just may be a different version of your business model that we can create resulting in much more income easier and more efficiently. It’s not about being right; it’s about being smart and savvy with your time, talent and how you earn your living. 


It’s begins with mindset. Book the call.” 🙂


The result of our several emails was she finally booked the call and realized she was trying to be right rather than open minded to how her dreams would be achieved.


I ask you to look around at your life and see where you may be doing the same thing. What conversations are you having in your head that may seem like your truth but they are really “ego” getting in the way of your evolution. Our ego loves to prevent us from evolving. It wants safety and security. It’s in our expansion mode of trust, faith, gratitude, appreciation, joy etc. even in times of uncertainty that will lead to manifesting. When we trust and let go and not worry how do we will get there or how do we come up with the money – we allow a myriad of solutions to show up. That’s how life and partnering with Universal energy works.


creative_and_courageousIt just takes the willingness to listen within and leap first!


If you hesitated on email invitations or social media posts I have offered in the past to schedule a discovery call, I think you know the answer I would give now. 2016 is right around the corner and all my clients are setting themselves up to win in 2016. 🙂


I’d love to talk about your dreams. I have 3 spots available now through Oct 30th for an in-depth private call. Complete the application here and my team will respond after we receive your completed application.


Blessings and abundance,