Celebrating 10 years in the business of changing lives!

Developing creative leaders is and always has been my passion behind my business purpose.

I aspire for you to be a thought leader who inspires others while being an influential brand that your tribe resonates with.Your personal brand speaks volumes about your values. While working with clients on their personal brand, the main transformation we focus on is clarity of who they really are, what lights them up the most and identifying their top five core values to live a congruent life.

When we know and act upon our top five values daily, our life feels more often sweet, graceful, peaceful, and fulfilling. It’s when we are not clear what we truly believe in or stand for – that we end up living someone else’s life.

When we become clear of those core values – we can be vulnerable, transparent, confident and powerful in the visibility of our personal brand.

The mere thought of visibility can be wrought with fear, uncertainty, and embarrassment. It’s that “fraud” syndrome many of us worry about. We want to be seen and experienced as real as possible but we are not sure how to do that. Mentoring is a good place to begin.

Right now I am in the middle of working with two outstanding creative women entrepreneurs who invested in themselves to obtain this clarity so that their personal brand feels right, congruent, and in the slot. Visibility is so crucial to our creative entrepreneurial lives, but it must be in alignment with our truth or the vibe and results of our efforts will be less than fulfilling.

Little did one of these women know when she enrolled in my personal branding program that we would be having lengthy discussions about her lack of self-care.

That meant she is now making it a priority – literally time for exercise, hot baths at night, her love of gardening, playing the piano, walking along the beach, and hiking with her children.

Nowhere in there is more hours at the office.

What became as the main catalyst of change for her, self-care is now one of her core values and is the foundational message of her brand. She desires to be a non-traditional woman attorney who is proud to take good care of her needs as she runs her full environmental law practice.

See, the status quo of her industry is the client and work load comes first and god-forbid you should be seen taking time for yourself instead of taking care of the clients! She wants to be that role model of change – a thought leader for women attorneys who crave time for family, self-care and well-being. I applaud her for breaking the mold and creating a brand that speaks to women’s well-being while achieving a high achieving successful career.

That’s living on brand.

Here are a few tips to consider living more on-brand:
  1. In my world, branding is who we are; not what we do. It follows then, when we let go of what’s holding us back – we live “on-brand.” Showing up authentically online and offline begins with examining who we are and how we want to influence our audience.
  2. As creative entrepreneurs, our intention is that we are strategic digital storytellers building a brand platform and true perception of who we are. This influence requires personal development and creative renewal to build that awesome new brand. Is it time for a check-in on that mindset? Boundaries? Money relationship? Self-care? Visibility fear?
  3. BONUS! I am sharing my private client “on-brand” power checklist:

We live and make decisions based on our top 5 core values.

We choose to do what lights us up with no hesitation. We no longer settle. We keep challenging and healing our relationship with money, forever; because how we do money is how we do everything and your money relationship is a catalyst for change. We go after our dreams with abandon and verve. We learn to listen to our intuition and take action on what’s being directed. By doing what totally lights you up more often, our authentic STAR POWER will influence lives while fulfilling our dreams and passions.

Let’s examine if you are living on brand in a zoom chat. Email my team and let’s schedule. support@marladiann.com

To your true living on brand!