Today, and everyday, I have a grateful heart.

I am grateful for you, my son, my new home, my clients, courage, creativity, my body, mind and soul – and so much more.

In the aftermath of the firestorms in my region of California and up north and with Thanksgiving on Thursday, the thought of “A Grateful Heart” has been heavy on my mind.

I was so touched reading one of my favorite actresses Sandra Bullock donated $100K to the Humane Society of Ventura County in efforts to rescue and evacuate animals from devastating wildfires. So if you are looking for here organizations you can support for the families and animals in need due to the fires. Click here and here.

Second, it’s the perfect time to look at how you can create a stronger connection to abundance and good fortune by being grateful. An important piece to understand about feelings of gratitude is that being grateful is not a reactionary emotion, but a causative energy and consciousness. When you partner with the “energy” of gratitude, you manifest more good to occur in your life.

One of the success books on my recommended book list is SPIRITUAL ECONOMICS by Eric Butterworth; a great resource. He’s a metaphysician and Unity Church minister who teaches Universal Law. (All the principles of Universal Law are under the category of metaphysics)

This inspirational book encourages and reminds you to stay the course in your wealth and prosperity consciousness via a consistent grateful heart.

From Spiritual Economics pages 92-93, “You are always projecting some kind of thought toward everything you have or hold. Sometimes it is negative, limiting and restrictive. But you can bless your home, your business, and your money supply, and thus confer a consciousness of abundance upon them. So it is not something you do to these things. Rather it is the correction of the mentality that you are projecting on them. The law says that things become to you that which you see them as being (what you think and feel you create).

So you give thanks not for these things, but from the awareness there is always an all-sufficiency even within the insufficiency.”

It’s an elevated consciousness that brings forth the good fortune. Again, most important point: being grateful is not a reactionary emotion, but a causative energy and consciousness.

Lastly, when tragedies happen around up, it can make us look at life differently. So if you are feeling the need to recharge and tune back into who you are here are a few simple ideas to try this weekend…

Take a 20-minute walk after a few hours of concentrated work.

Go for walks in the morning and evening with your spouse, friend or significant other.

Take 20 min to listen to music and daydream.

Take most weekends off.

Take several week to two-week vacations throughout the year.

Get regular massages.

Take music or acting lessons just for the fun of it and connection to your artistry.

Go to the movies, concerts, and plays.

Listen to comedy podcasts, watch comedy on Netflix or Ellen TV episodes.

Listen to motivational podcasts or audios when driving.