As we continue this month with Follow Your Joy theme – I thought it was most timely due to the surge in summer travel (yeah!) to inspire you with one of my major joys in life that is more than likely one of yours.

See how this resonates with you.

Transformational travel is one of my very favorite subjects to coach because it’s so incredibly life changing and most everyone loves to travel! Laptop Lifestyle and travel are very much a part of my brand.

In honor of heading to Rome and the Amalfi coast this September, I’m sharing the actual blog story I wrote while sitting in my beautiful Florence, Italy Airbnb in August 2017 when the major transformation began.

Excerpt: “It was in the moments of walking the stunning art-inspired streets of Florence, Tuscany region, and Rome where the change in my dignity, my heart, and my soul began to shift. It took the first two weeks of my four-week stay to break down the wall of stress in my body from months and years of constant never-ending pressure to perform and produce.” 

And so began the new life. I highly encourage you to make traveling to a foreign country a priority to interrupt your everyday patterns and long held routines. It’s not just a fun thing to do. This experience is meant to transform you.

Transformational travel means to intentionally take the internal, mental and emotional changes you experienced while traveling to transform your life back at home.

So, rather than relegate the “nice vacation” as a memory, use it to uplevel your life. After a month-long stay in Florence, I changed every part of my life when I returned home. Inspiring short read from my journal entry in Italy. Take a look.

It takes courage and effort to come home after an incredible stay in a foreign country and integrate the new you into an old life.

Loads of love,