As a business and success mentor, several of my passions and roles are to help you, the entrepreneur, elevate your worthiness and revenues, guide you where to focus for your best ROI, and recommend expert resources to help you prosper in all areas of your life.

Today’s message: According to Fannie Mae news, we are headed into a short-lived, modest recession with the housing market leading the charge. 

Fannie Mae News- Click here.


 “The economy continues to slide toward a modest recession, which we anticipate will begin in the new year, with housing leading the slowdown,” said Doug Duncan, Senior Vice President and Chief Economist, Fannie Mae. “Higher interest rates have ignited the typical reduction in residential fixed investment, which historically has led into either an economic slowdown or recession. From our perspective, the good news is that demographics remain favorable for housing, so the sector appears well-positioned to help lead the economy out of what we expect will be a brief recession.”

Let’s be prudent. I have an actionable checklist below with tangible and intangible resources to help you not get seduced or pulled into the collective consciousness of worry and fear.

Be smart to stay on top of the news, but in moderation and especially, stay in your own lane. We must take smart action to protect our financial portfolios, earnings, and savings, but even more importantly, we must protect our mindset.

Tips on a financially stable, abundant mindset: Being abundant begins with feeling abundant. Whatever we think about our money will lead us to how we feel about money and abundance. That feeling is what gives off an energy and that energy either supports our capacity to attract and earn money or it blocks it.

What I learned over the years from my mentors and what I teach is: energy is currency. Currency is energy. Everything is made of energy, quantum physics.

If we want to earn more, attract more, have financial freedom, then we need to co-create from an energy of abundance, rather than an energy of lack, fear, worry, doubt. Make sense?

I take it even further, not only have this non-negotiable energy of abundance, but take prudent actions that align with your desires and goals. It’s the tangible with the intangible.

As you navigate the next few months, below is a short list of six helpful resources to use that will protect your money, grow your money, protect your mindset, and keep you focused and thriving.

  • Enroll in Own Your Genius Zone 7-week program for High-Achieving Creative Business Owners who are done with overwhelm and want a balance of the feminine and masculine strategies to run your business without burnout. Take advantage of the early rate and start the new year with a powerful system to thrive in 2023. Access the no-cost Masterclass to begin your due diligence.
  • Read inspiring stories from Fortune magazine’s most powerful women issue. Read cover story, Melanie Perkins, the most celebrated technology CEO worth over a billion dollars. She is cofounder and CEO of design software maker Canva, which was valued by private investors at $40 billion in September 2021. That will get you fired up!
  • Phil Town, long time highly successful hedge fund manager and portfolio expert, tells how to recession-proof your stocks in this short 4-minute video.
  • Buy and read brand new Wealth Habits, Six Ordinary Steps to Achieve Extraordinary Financial Freedom by Candy Valentino, who leveraged her 24 years of experience into a fortune from creating successful businesses in multiple industries. Now she teaching you how to follow her systems.
  • Read Ask & It is Given by Esther & Jerry Hicks. Learn how to be conscious and focused on keeping your vibration high as the point of attraction for manifesting your desires and goals, especially in times of uncertainty.

  • Make sure you have a Google Business Profile to optimize your SEO and online presence. It’s free and a must today in business.

For a chat about doing a VIP strategy session to plan out your 2023 goals, email my team at We’ll get on zoom to see what’s most important to you at this stage of your business and life and see if a strategy session is a fit for your needs.

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