Dear Creatives,

I mentioned in this week’s podcast I am headed to Italy next month for my birthday. I usually gift myself travel to Italy in Sept given August, my birthday month, is much too hot and most Italians are on holiday for the month of August.

Over the last few months of prep, I found helpful travel resources that could serve you if you are traveling this fall or winter.

Hope these are of help:

1.) Need a new, spacious carry-on? I have been on a mission to find a sturdy, spacious, sleek looking carry-on since I will not even consider checking in luggage given the airline industry challenges. I want freedom from luggage worry during travel.

Here is a great article comparing alternatives to the ever-popular Away carry-on that has been all the rage. The Away carry-on is $275 – $295. The article has nine alternatives. 

OR if you prefer the snazzy new Solgaard carry on closet, check this out. For a 21” carry-on pricing begins at 275.

2.) Once I buy the carry-on, I want to know how to smartly pack this for 2-weeks’ worth of stuff! This will be a first time I will be traveling internationally with a carry-on only. My goal is to be an even more savvy traveler using a carry-on. So, I found a few travel experts on YouTube! How to pack a carry on to travel to Europe 2022 (with a downloadable packing list).

3.) I am big about saving receipts and keeping track of my expenses on trips since these are usually write-offs and I like to stay on budget. I am a numbers person so keeping track of expenses digitally is great. From one of my favorite travel experts, The Points Guy, he has this article recommending tracking expenses apps 

4.) Flying internationally? Skip the long airport lines at security and customs by enrolling in Global Entry that includes TSA Precheck. It’s only $100 good for 5 years. And, your travel credit card may offer a credit for that purchase as a benefit. Mine does. I have Venture Capital One card with loads of travel benefits. This week I will be enrolling in Global Entry, which allows you to skip those long customs lines and check in via a kiosk.

Enroll here

Check here to make sure the airport you arrive at upon entering USA after international travel has a kiosk. Global Entry is only a US program. For example, returning from Rome FCO airport I fly into Washington DC airport. It has kiosks. As does LAX.

5.) During prep, I always call my health insurance company, bank, and cell phone service to let them know I will be out of the country inquiring what services do they have internationally. I especially let my bank know so they will approve any ATM transactions I may have while in Italy. I also go to my bank branch a week prior to leaving to exchange dollars for Euros and carry some dollars with me for my return trip.

BONUS 5 travel hacks

These are just a few of many of my to-dos from my prep list!

Happy Travels!