Here is a glimpse into how I develop high(er) earning creative entrepreneurs.

15 years ago when I began my coaching business as my second business after 20 years in the entertainment industry as a publicist, I was extremely curious how multiple six and seven figure income entrepreneurs made financial decisions daily. 

I learned from my mentors back then about certain daily habits around money that kept them moving forward closer to their financial goals.

Detailed here on the blog are few of those many daily habits of high earning creative entrepreneurs that I integrated into my life years ago, as I aspire for you, too.

If these habits don’t come easy to you or you have resistance, that is a clue and good reason to explore your relationship with money. Your resistance or not being able to resonate with the habits are just symptoms telling you something needs healing and solutions.

More specifically, how you think, act, and feel about money. We can have resistance to looking at numbers, not fully know or own our worth, be avoidant with money management, hesitate to raise our rates, feel fear, doubt, worry, shame, guilt, uncertainty, lack more often than trust, faith, gratitude, abundance, connection and being empowered with money.

The resistance comes from our imprints from childhood, teen years, and society. They are not the truth about money. They are old beliefs that are holding you back from higher success.

The truth is, money is a blessing. It’s also a tool to help you create more money (investments, ROI), It’s a tool for the exchange of goods and services. And, money is a tool to fund our dreams and desires. Those four truths are it. All other stories and judgments about money are created by humankind.

Money is innocent of all of those.

As a creative, you may also be an empath that has discontent or avoidance around the abundance of money because:

  • You feel flaunting the latest fashions, newest tech, fancy cars, or expensive vacations seem void of real meaning because you crave purpose in life.
  • You see ambition to gain more money and more power as another reason to turn a blind eye to the suffering of others.
  • Abundance of money, which means unjust to others, can look like stepping on or exploiting others in order to get ahead and you don’t want to build a career on that.
  • And, you definitely do not align easily with corporate culture, which praises predatory instincts and the ruthless pursuit of growth for the sake of growth.

These are beliefs that you adopted, no fault of your own or anyone else’s. I find these to be very common among my hard working, ambitious, good valued creatives who are empaths. They wonder why consistent abundance is hard to attain.

After reading the habits on the blog, and you find you have resistance to any of these, I invite you to invest in yourself by ordering my Transform Your Money Relationship starter workbook and video training.

It will open you up to a whole new truth about money and help you redefine your money story. It’s a simple beginning step to truly connect all the dots as to why money, as it ebbs and flows, has been a mystery to you in keeping more of it.

4 Daily Money Habits of High Earning Creatives

Habit 1: They tracked how much money came in daily.

What you pay attention to expands. Tracking your incoming money daily using a mindset/wealth consciousness tracking sheet or app will help you pay attention to the growth of your finances. No more surprises. As a client, I teach you how to use my Money Tracking strategy which is one of the most powerful tools you can use to feed your mindset, be accountable, and create remarkable shifts in your relationship with money while breaking through your money glass ceiling.


Habit 2: To the best of their ability – they are of the highest integrity and impeccable with their word.

This means honoring contracts, agreements, tipping well, being respectful of someone’s value and time, being watchful how often you trade your time and expertise, making payments on time, and having a debt payoff plan if necessary. All of this in mind – because how can we expect more prosperity if we’re secretly cutting corners and not being in integrity?

Habit 3: They nixed the negative talk. No toleration for negative money talk in their world.

This includes family, friends, colleagues, T.V., radio, social media, etc. Stand for your worth and dignity and inspire others to do the same. Please influence and feed your mind daily with stories of ordinary men & women doing extraordinary things – especially those who are non-negotiable attitudes when it comes to their fortitude. One of my resources is my Top Recommended Success Books List.

Habit 4: Be patient, persistent and consistent.

Be on the lookout for small and big wins daily to celebrate as you continue to live by the rules of C.A.N.I. (Constant and never-ending improvement). Finally, having a healthy relationship with money requires us to keep challenging and healing our habits, behaviors, and mindset around money forever. When you have tools from coaching – they will be evergreen. Whenever you uplevel your revenues and wealth consciousness, you will always have new challenges to work through.

I am your intuitive money relationship advocate. Let’s change things up for you so you feel more dignified with wealth and abundance.

Take the leap of faith by ordering the starter program now.

To your dreams and desires,