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It’s the story that inspires and
moves people to action

Branding is who you are;
not what you do.

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Hire Marla Diann to speak at your next event.

As a previous image-maker in Hollywood for over 22 years, Marla designed traditional media campaigns for her celebrities, visual and performing artists to the masses. Her strategy today translates into mentoring and inspiring small to multi-million business owners how to bring out their unique charisma and essence through a confident, compelling, and trusted brand that converts to ideal clients and higher revenues.

In her animated, transparent speaking style, Marla mentors business owners how to be a congruent, trusted, compelling brand that integrates ALL of who they are. Her contagious energy, lively spirit, compelling content, and compassion engages her audience to take action that elevates their lives and businesses.

She is very passionate about mentoring creative entrepreneurs in a holistic approach to developing an integrated, trusted, and congruent personal brand as she coaches them how to build a leveraged business based on a healthy money relationship.

Together, she and her ambitious creative clients navigate a clear path to higher, more consistent revenues without compromising their health, well-being, dignity, family or values.


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As the founder of Embrace Your Spotlight™ mentoring company, MarlaDiann.com, and Urban Chic: The Brand of YOU ™ workshop and program, Marla Diann brings her inspiring 30 combined years’ experience in entertainment publicity, human potential, personal branding for business owners and business innovation to audiences nationwide.

She intends for her clients to excel in their industry as the go-to-expert working less (more time for family, travel, passions) while earning more.

Money Breakthrough Method™, one of Marla’s signature speaking topics and programs, helps the audience participants become aware of unconscious self-sabotaging money habits, understand that money is an energy first before it’s shows up in a checking account, offer tips to gain control of their relationship with money and discover how to be more confident, empowered and own their self-worth.

Marla was awarded the honor of being one of 100 Who’s Who Among Women in Ecommerce for WE Magazine. She holds a Bachelor of Liberal Arts & Sciences degree in PR Journalism from San Diego State University. She was a charter four year member of Ali’ Brown’s Elevate program 2012-2016. She mentored senior communications majors in SDSU’s Aztec Mentorship Program 2014-2015. She completed Anthony Robbins’ two year Mastery University program in 2007. She holds a Money Breakthrough Method™ Coach certification and her greatest achievement was and always will be the raising of her 25-year old son as a single Mom. She lives in beautiful Redondo Beach, Ca with her dog, Mojo and loves her quality time with family and friends.

Watch Marla’s Branded Story video featuring behind the scenes of a speaker, mentor, and passionate entrepreneur.

Videography: Kalet Productions

Marla’s Most Popular Speaking Topics

Urban Chic

The Brand of YOU – featuring 5 Essential Strategies to a Thriving Brand & Profitable Business

After 30 combined years of entertainment PR, branding, influencing the masses with compelling content, writing journalistically, mentoring entrepreneurs how to stand out in extreme density online and guiding them to a profitable business, Marla brings you a powerfully inspiring presentation that will innovate your perception about branding and recalibrate your relationship with money, thus up-leveling your business revenues.

You are either a brand new entrepreneur and have limited knowledge how to build an authentic – genuine – congruent – BOLD brand or a profitable business OR your are ready to up-level and re-invent your perception, positioning, impact and profit. Either way – I know you will be inspired to take an action.

Here’s what you’ll learn and be able to implement right away:

  • The ONE essential element missing that will naturally make you a powerful brand and effective business owner (hands down).
  • How your relationship with money affects every part of your brand and how to solve the money leaks once and for all.
  • When you recalibrate this one crucial part of your life – your brand and business will integrate and create success easier and more gracefully.
  • By integrating this one factor in your brand – you WILL stand out in the density and make a BIG impact.
  • What exact thing to do to innovate your brand and money relationship NOW.
  • Why your story will make a big difference in the conversion rate of your products and services.
  • How to build the know, like and trust factor with your brand INSTANTLY.

Turn Your Personality Into Profit!

  • Are you ready for a brand that clearly positions you as the leading expert you’ve always wanted to be known for?
  • Are you ready to create the perception of you just how you want it? (And not leave it up to other people to make assumptions and then tell their friends and associates inaccurate info about you!)
  • Are you willing to take control of what is being said about you online and “contribute to the conversation” so others are not doing it for you? (Google yourself and see what is being said about you.)
  • Are you ready for a compelling, BOLD brand that builds your know, like and trust factor and sells easily and authentically for you? Imagine knowing how to turn your personality into profit by simply being you and having clear systems and strategies in place?
  • Do you intuitively believe you were meant to make an IMPACT; yet you don’t quite know how to communicate that via a brand?

How much is it really costing you personally and financially not to have a clear, compelling, bold brand that strategically positions you as a leading expert? You know your passion for what you do changes lives in many ways and you so want it to build the right perception and reputation in your industry, right?

Did you know your brand is who you are; not what you do? Your life is your brand. Your passions are your brand. Your dreams are your brand. Your love of travel is your brand. Your reason for your expertise is your brand. Your challenges and victories are your brand. It’s ALL of you; not just a cool looking logo and tag line.

In this passionate, eye-opening presentation, Marla teaches the secrets of how your brand is the perception and positioning of your life. It’s what people say about you when you are not in the room. It’s how they hold you in their hearts and minds.

Her branding expertise purpose is to inspire you to Be BOLD, Be Gutsy, and Break the Rules in your own life and industry to stand out – live your dreams – evolve, go beyond self-imposed limitations – and learn how to communicate all of who you are in your branding. Her desire is for you to be a tall poppy and take a stand for what you love so that you inspire others to do the same.

In this practical, inspiring, info-rich “don’t miss” presentation, you’ll discover how to:

  • Brand or re-brand yourself the authentic strategic way that converts to a loyal community and ideal clients.
  • Kick up your “BOLDNESS” factor in your brand, grow your biz and influence the masses YOUR way.
  • Understand how storytelling is a key strategy in building your compelling brand.
  • Drop the money drama and live with a healthy money relationship that lifts you up; not bring you down in guilt, shame, doubt or fear.
  • Achieve a new level of success in your business and leave behind what seems to be preventing you from making significant progress towards your goals.
  • Increase your “expansion” vibration more consistently around money and business growth.
  • Find a way to transform the feeling of being “numbed out” with your six senses (sight, sound, smell, touch, taste, and intuition) and live a more powerful, abundant life and brand.
  • To BE more, play bigger, bolder, sexier and embrace your spotlight with savvy, dignity, and grace even when you don’t have all your “ducks-in-a-row.”

My 5 Step Formula to Increase Your Self Worth & Net Worth with Grace & Dignity: The fastest way to solve the problem of how to make and keep more money.

As a Personal Branding and Business Innovation Expert, Marla finds that many clients come to her ready to transform their branding, marketing, social media and online presence, but don’t realize their unconscious money patterns that have prevented them from achieving the income they deserve; and how this has a deep effect on their marketing efforts.

There may be ways we unconsciously give up our power with money (not charging enough, ignoring bills, not knowing the current status of our bank accounts and revenues/payables, etc.). In this intriguing, mind-shifting presentation, Marla helps women begin to break free of unconscious self-sabotaging money habits, gain control of their relationship with money and stop letting money slip through their fingers while becoming an empowered entrepreneur who knows her worth and receives it.

Here’s what you will learn about in this 60min presentation with Q & A:

  • Simple actions that put you in control of your money vs. money controlling you.
  • Why women struggle in their relationship with money even though they are smart, savvy and innovative.
  • The ONE secret that will allow you to confidently stand in your power with money.
  • How you increase your self-worth AND your net worth, finally! 5 key areas that make up the formula for creating and keeping more money.
  • 5 key areas that make up the formula for creating and keeping more money.
Past Clients
  • Event Planners Association Southern California
  • Success Summit for Today’s Innovative Woman
  • La Femme Film Festival
  • Women Radio Network
  • South Bay Business Women’s Association
  • Social Media Week Los Angeles Beauty, Bling & Branding You Lifestyle Event
  • Chase Talks Business Speaker Series
  • Kim Somers’ Willow Tree Women In Business
  • Women & Wealth of Orange County
  • Over 40 Females Professional Woman’s Organization Orange
  • County Chapter
  • Keri Murphy’s Ignite Your It Factor Workshop
  • Patti Keating’s RESONATE Telesummit 2013
  • Cal State Long Beach Delta Sigma Chi Business Fraternity
  • Destiny By Design Business Telesummit 2013
  • Networking From the Heart Business Mixer South Bay
  • Dr. Careen Young Dental Study Group
  • NuSkin Business Group of Orange County

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