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Marla Diann

“Marla gave me a lot of tools in our Money Mindset Business Breakthrough program, but my favorite was the mindset and power to say no allowing great things to come along in that place. She would say ‘Say no the good to get to the great.’

She also taught me well to surround myself with people of similar mindsets and success attitudes creating a high vibration (AKA “my tribe”).

Before her mastermind program, I was afraid of many things having to do with money and my worth from looking at my bank account to raising my fees. Her money speedometer tool was so helpful with my money relationship and goals personally and for business!

Lastly her enrollment application sales system makes a world of difference in the client acquisition process weeding out those who are not appropriate for my services. Thank you!”

Lisa Jovicic | Wedding, Boudoir & Maternity | Lisa Marie Photographie

“I had profound changes in my mindset that altered my decision-making in business. I learned how I do money is how I do everything! This permeated every portion of my life. I took better control of my “money” allowing me to take control of my life.

I embraced that I made money and not that money made me. It’s honorable to be a strong authentic woman who can take care of my loved ones in other ways than financially. I LOVED my money therapy!

Three strategies and tools I learned that could potentially make the biggest difference in my business and revenues were removing my money clutter, knowing what I need to have as income for a thriving business and setting standards for my business and the type of clients I wanted to bring on board.”

Barbi Walters, Wedding Event Planner, Designer & Stylist
The Lynden Lane Co.

“I had profound mindset changes and shifts in my decision making abilities as a result of being mentored by Marla.

1. That I don’t need to be a frantic workaholic to be successful.

2. That I shouldn’t hide behind my photos, and that putting myself out there online and in person will only help people connect with me, and see the value of working with me.

3. That I am sharing my money legacy with my son, and I want to pass on a healthy money legacy full of abundance.

And, before working with Marla, I thought I had a good handle on my relationship with money. Within a few conversations it became very clear to me that I was avoiding a lot of aspects when it came to my finances.

I wasn’t in a place of power. As a result of investing in myself through Marla’s program – I’ve set up savings plans, bill pay systems, and my attention is on relationship with money for the better. I continue to heal and evolve that relationship with the tools, habits and mindset I now have.”

Kaysha Weiner, Southern California Wedding and Lifestyle Photographer

“Marla has played a key role in transforming my business.

Not only is she an incredible person, she is brilliant, she cares deeply about all of her clients and once I began working with her, I was kicking myself for not having started sooner. It has been the single smartest business investment I have made this year.

The golden nuggets I have received so far from her (and I am only in two months of a six month program), the savvy business direction with mindset principles to uplevel my branding, raise my standards, who I market to, and how I serve my high level clientele have been so far reaching.”

Richard Martinez | Owner/Founder Luxury Entertainment Group

“Knowing my value in terms of pricing and holding firm on my pricing was one of the most profound changes in my mindset during Marla’s Money Mindset Business Breakthrough program.

The increase in my pricing was a long-time coming, but Marla helped me make sense of it and be confident in my new rates.

Marla’s consistent empowering truth – “You cannot grow your business until you grow yourself” was also profound for me. Simply put, I have to grow as a person before my business can grow. Self-care.

I have begun using her branding strategy – “Branding is who you are and NOT what you do.” I learned everything I do and share online is part of my individual branding. Share and be visible for more than what I do as a DJ. Be a thought leader!

The sales funnel system she taught us, which starts with qualifying interested potential clients via a questionnaire whether they fit my ideal client qualifications – was great I LOVE THIS FORM!

My money relationship prior to her MMBB program was I would not include everything I earned as part of my financial review. I had leftover issues from when I was a child and my father would take my money and put what I had earned up on the family calendar. Marla helped me work through that and get past it. The combination of this and the concept of staying firm with my rates and knowing my value has transformed my money relationship. Thank you!”

Amani Roberts, DJ | Producer | Professor – The Amani Experience

“The most profound changes in my mindset and how I now make decisions in business as a result of mentoring with Marla are: I understand I am not obligated to work with (or even meet with) prospective clients just because they reach out to me. They or I may not be a good fit.

I really shifted when I found out it’s not up to me to decide what someone can or can’t afford. It is, however, my responsibility to own my worth and work with those who respect and value my talents and higher rates. I now know my value and that discounting hurts my credibility.

Several strategies and tools I learned that potentially can make the biggest difference in my business and revenues were rebranding — I thought my site was fine but Marla was right that the branding didn’t reflect a high end planner with years of experience. I am so grateful I now have better boundaries, too. I was in fear of a negative review if I didn’t answer to every whim of my clients. I’m finished with that mindset! Thank you!”

Kristeen LaBrot, Event Planner + Designer
Kristeen LaBrot Events

“Prior to working with Marla, my money relationship was vague and often clouded with inner questions of my worthiness.

Now that Marla has helped me banish those old, irrelevant emotions tethered to my worthiness, I feel strength, belief and clarity.

Marla’s mentoring helped me to clean out the clutter in my old thought forms regarding money, income, spending and bills. I knew I had some old, irrelevant issues clouding my decision-making, but I had no idea where to start. Marla helped me identify this clutter, then helped me clean out and streamline my relationship with money so that there is no more emotional baggage!

My mindset around money is now rooted in gratitude and abundance. In Marla’s private VIP program, I learned how to focus on and remain in a state of gratitude, thereby attracting more positive business opportunities and clients.

I have always been confident in myself and my business, but after going through Marla’s mentoring, my confidence is on fire as a result of developing a clear and exciting business growth plan!”

“After 5 years of having my own business I was feeling discouraged and a bit stuck. I was having a hard time booking the clients that I really desired and found that I was constantly giving deals just to get work.

My business decisions were based on fear of not having enough money or work.When a good friend of mine (also a photographer) told me about Marla and her coaching services – at first, I was a bit skeptical because I never thought I would need help running my company.

After our first phone call, I knew that she was exactly what I needed to get me to the next level.

‪Half way through the program I am already reaching and booking my dream couples and went from having only 2 weddings to 10 weddings in three weeks. Marla gave me the tools and direction that I needed to overcome my issues with money and confidence.

It was hard for me to admit that I don’t know how to do it all and even harder for me to accept that I needed a little help. Her expertise is invaluable and I look forward to seeing what the future holds for Jillian Rose Photography!”

“My attitude around money was the biggest change with Marla’s mentoring.

It’s been a change that has taken time and dedication, but I have the tools now that give me the confidence to know that I am going in the right direction.

My relationship with money prior to doing Marla’s program was not healthy at all. There was a lot of avoidance and fear around it. Bills were being paid late and debt was becoming a natural part of life.

Having the proper tools and guidance when you are making a change is huge. The tools given to you in Marla’s program are real, not just fancy words and good ideas. They are real and tangible tools that just make sense and become a natural part of your life.”

Naomi McCullough, Floral Designer
Beautiful Savage Flowers

“Prior to the Money Mindset Business Breakthrough Program, I was feeling stuck in my business and lacked confidence in my abilities and myself.

I was playing it safe and doing what I knew I could do easily. I wanted to build my self-confidence and do what I love and not just what I was good at. I wanted more for my brand and myself.

I started my business to create unforgettable weddings for couples and build lifelong relationships with them, but I was finding that there was a disconnect between what I wanted and what I was actually doing. I was booking clients to fill up my calendar, no matter what discounts I had to give or package I sold (mostly the bare minimum).

I was finding myself feeling unfulfilled. I wanted more. A friend of mine invited me to one of Marla’s seminars and I said I’d go, not really knowing what to expect. Within the first hour, I had a huge breakthrough moment and even wrote in my notes “hire her”. I was so inspired by Marla and couldn’t wait to learn more in her 90-day program.

Since starting the program, I have realized so many things that I do to sabotage myself from moving forward and getting to the next level. My lack of self- confidence and boundaries being the biggest.

I am happy to report after only a month of mentoring I now really BELIEVE in myself and my abilities to produce amazing weddings for clients who truly value having a wedding planner. I am creating boundaries with my business and personal life so I take care of myself and others in a healthy way. I am ridding my surroundings of negativity and creating an uplifting environment that makes me excited and happy to wake up in the morning and get the day started.

I truly owe this to the program and am so incredibly grateful for the lessons that Marla has taught me. It takes a lot of work and persistence to change, but it is beyond worth it. Thank you so much for your guidance and support through my journey to becoming the best version of myself.”

Aimee Takumi, Wedding & Event Planner

“During the first month of coaching I landed the highest paying client in the history of my business.

Marla’s program has given me the confidence and tools to design my business accordingly to my lifestyle and goals rather than building my lifestyle around my business.

I changed my money relationship. In simple terms I used to avoid money all together. I now keep track of all sales and expenses and look at my numbers daily. I also increased my credit score by 30 points in only a couple months!”

Jennifer Sanchez
Social Savvy

“I have been sharing about my new money legacy with friends and family. My relationship with money has changed dramatically.

My relationship with money is expansive and positive. I see money as a tool to make wonderful things happen and a way to reach others. Having the support and encouragement of a coach has been life changing. I didn’t recognize my full-potential until I had Marla help me focus and reel in my true gifts and power.

Money represents how you choose to invest in yourself and how you choose to invest your time. The way I do money, is the way I do everything. So grateful!”

Jessica Mendivil, Owner Mendivil Events

“Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

I gotta be honest – when I first met Marla, I was very skeptical when she told me my problems were 80% about my mindset and my relationship with money. But, she had some great things to say that really got me thinking, “This is do or die – this is going to be my last effort to make my photography business a success.” Yup, I was that low when I connected with Marla.

You can see Marla had her work cut out for her, being the stubborn bullheaded type A personality that I am. But she did it, she helped me change my mindset and, today, I couldn’t be happier and my business continues to grow and be successful!

BEST decision I ever made!

It wasn’t easy. I struggled – A LOT – but Marla dished out some tough love, I rolled up my sleeves and got my butt busy shifting my mindset about money. I learned my relationship with money affects my relationship with everything. Who knew they are all so related?

I had been going through a pretty long dry spell before that. I was confident in my work, I knew my pricing was more than fair and my personality was a fit for the couples I was meeting. So, why was I not booking?

I’ll never forget that first sales meeting after creating and refining my sales system with Marla. It was the first meeting where I was not only comfortable talking about money, but I didn’t hesitate! I was confident and I booked!

Marla helped me to see it was my mindset and relationship with money that was the roadblock in addition to tweaking my sales funnel strategy. Half way through my program with her, I had my biggest sales month EVER – by about 3x – and guess what? I did it again the next month! I couldn’t believe it! I made more in that one month than I had made in the previous quarter, and I did it 2 months in a row!”

Krista Mason | Capturing Extraordinary Wedding Moments

“In the year that I have known and been working with Marla, so much has shifted in my life. I have taken a stance in my business and have been brave enough to hold myself accountable rather than hide behind the unknown, which I had been doing in the past.

Due to my conditioning with money, I had never really taken myself seriously as a business owner. I’m now in my eighth year as a wedding photographer, and I’m finally stepping into my power as an expert.

I have learned that in order to move forward, I need to look back at the decisions and patterns I’ve developed and address them. While working with Marla, we not only acknowledged and addressed the issues and shame that accompanied it, but worked through those fears.

I am now more confident in my sales techniques for my services and respectful of my own time and energy that I am giving to my clients. I’m excited to further implement Marla’s tools in my business and continue to grow and build my various streams of income!”

Molly Hauge
Molly + Co.

“My money relationship prior to Marla’s mentoring was always in a state of lack and avoidance never really knowing what was coming in or going out.

I now look at my money every day to understand how I can grow it and nurture it. Very grateful!

I turned around a slow cash flow month in less than 2 weeks by using Marla’s sales system and strategies making that my biggest revenues to date in less than a month!

The top three strategies I learned from Marla’s program that can potentially make the biggest difference in my business and revenues were: (1) Learning to leverage my time and do my highest pay off activities; (2) Building systems to make sure my business runs smoothly and (3) A.D.D.– Automate, Delegate, or Delete!!

Leslie Armendariz, Rebelle Fleurs Event Design

“I wanted to thank you for everything you’ve done for me.

I feel good about myself. I feel respected, strong, brave and appreciated. My marriage is better than ever. I feel more rested. I’m organizing things with work and my life. I seriously think you are amazing and I feel very lucky to have you in my life.” xo

Money Mindset Business Breakthrough Group Program client,
Valerie Gordon, Wedding Planner and Designer

“I woke up this morning and decided to listen to a previous phone call, I had with Marla. Gosh, I feel so blessed.

It’s so crazy how I told myself a little over a year ago, if I could just get a mentor, or someone that can push my mental boundaries, it would just change my life.

It’s so phenomenal when you have someone that barely knows you, understands you so much and is able to point out things you didn’t even notice was there. This breakthrough is real!!! This past year and a half I have changed so much mentally. When your mind has been programed one way and you have to self correct it is such a challenge, but totally worth it!!

I’m so excited for the future to come. I don’t even know where to start. Marla’s mentoring program by far, will probably be one of the best investments I could ever make in myself. Even though I don’t do much for myself, I’m so glad that I took the stand and told myself, Tenice do this program, invest in yourself, you’re worth it!!”

Tenice Holman, Professional Project Organizer

“That session was amazing!

I am about 1/4 way through my 6-month coaching program with Marla and already experienced shifts in me and it’s very different than what I expected (you will understand this statement if you do the program) 🙂

It is making me stronger and more confident in all aspects of my life (not just business). Funny is I am naturally a confident and strong person , BUT wow I’m finding that I am these things and even more!

I don’t think I ever fully understood the emotion behind the word empowered, but now with Marla’s guidance and wisdom, I am feeling it! It’s EMPOWERING !!! It’s a powerful and amazing feeling.

There are some things (as we all have) from my past that I had NO CLUE were holding me back. To discover this and let it go is…well empowering! And now I can focus better on my business and balancing my personal life. This mentoring is one of the most inspiring things I can ever do for my life , family, career and happiness and we just began!”

Jenni Bradbury-Hill Horsburgh | Owner

“I had a huge AH HA!/emotional and eye opening moment during my call with Marla last week.

First off, let me just say that she had to go back to her journalistic days to drill the questions and thoughts out of me (it was pretty awesome to experience and actually feel myself come out from hiding) … but she did it!

My whole life and the real person whom I am supposed to be in this life flashed before my eyes. My past, my surroundings, family members and my future were and will be where and who I am meant to be as a person in this lifetime… the hard shell, strict, boring, reserved person whom I have grown to be and thought I had to be was just a coping personality…. NOW, the hard work begins… living my REAL purpose and changing my habits to be reborn into the new magnificent ME!!

I cannot thank you enough for our call Marla! I can’t wait to replay the recording everyday if I have to!”

Silvia Lucena, Wedding Event Planner

“A HUGE thank you to both you

and Lauryn for producing such a wonderful event, Evolve: Lead to Inspire. You did an amazing job making sure everything went smoothly and we are so grateful!
Thank you THANK YOU!

MALLIKA CHOPRA | Founder and CEO of
Guest speaker Evolve: Lead to Inspire

“You know when you meet someone and you just know they are going to have a big impact on your life? That’s how I felt when I heard this woman speak on a webinar.

Marla has mentored me and believed me when most people thought I was nuts to go into business on my own, especially as a young unmarried woman. The fear from outside and inside was consuming me before my first step, but I knew I needed to make a big change in my journey. Always listen to that inner voice telling you your truth! I thank God everyday this incredible woman came into my life.

#‎Mentor signifies, M= #‎Motivator E=#‎Empowers, N=#‎Nutures, T=#‎Teacher, O=#‎Originator, R=#‎RoleModel. Marla embodies this exact essence. Thank you for the lovely gift and for changing me professionally and most importantly personally. I truly am a different woman after this program.”

Jillian Davis | Owner, Event Specialist

“I joined Marla’s Business Mentoring program with a group of wonderful entrepreneurial women in September 2013.

When the program began in January 2014, I was working for a low hourly fee overwhelmed, underpaid, and overstressed. Not good!

By March I worked closely with Marla to move me away from my old “hours for dollars” business model to leveraged high quality and content packaging. Within a few days of designing that package I succeeded in securing an ideal client who invested in my services at my new higher rates that far exceeded my expectations! And she paid in full!

I’m so grateful for Marla’s coaching that helped me understand my worth and the incredible value that I provide for my clients; I can now confidently require what I am worth and of value!

Marla has completely changed my entire mindset as to how I now market my business and how I look at my ideal avatar clients. Using her coaching services was the best decision and investment I have made for my company! Yeah! “Team Marla” My Gratitude Overflows!”

GAYLE THEODORA DRAKE | CEO/Founder of GTD Image Consulting, Personal & Business Image Assessment Wardrobe & Closet Makeovers

“Really warm and good feeling from our meeting! Kids loving the sense of being on their own, your discussion around values hit a sweet spot. And thank you so much…those evenings are the closest I have felt as a family in a long time!

The three most profound changes our teenage kids experienced from taking Marla’s Money Legacy program are:

1. Our three kids now have an appreciation for money that simply did not exist prior to beginning Marla’s program.

2. Their self-confidence & self-worth have increased dramatically now that they understand how finances & budgeting work and that they are now responsible for how much money they earn and how much they spend.

3. The kids previously had near open access to Mom’s wallet for both cash and credit card use. This does not exist any longer because Mom is not allowing it, but just as important, they are only rarely asking for money because they seek the grown up world of being independent. If they do ask for money, they can typically justify their reason for asking. If we give it, there is a whole different level of appreciation that did not exist previously.”

Brian & Kathy Johnson | Rolling Hills Estates, CA

P.S. I loved coaching this family! It was incredibly rewarding knowing these college age kids are going into the world filled with financial dignity and armed with tools to help them be self-sufficient and confident.

“Thank you Marla for our time on the phone together! In that one short hour, I learned more from you than I have in months with other business coaches and mentors!

You gave me some crucial information, in just one hour, that honestly helped me to turn my entire business around. I know it sounds far-fetched, but it is true. You helped me re-think about my business, and myself in a new way that had a profound impact on the direction I am now taking my business in 2015.  I am thrilled and excited by all this, and I am eternally grateful. Much love to you and great success with your business!”

“She coached me on Creating my Money Why and what was so amazing was I literally felt as if Marla was the mid-wife to my birthing of my Money Why.

It was transformative, inspiring, motivating, liberating and empowering all at the same time! Marla is truly a gifted coach!!! And MBM is the most amazing coaching method ever!!! Thank you Marla and thank you Kendall for creating such a powerful tool! woohoo!!! (Can you tell I’m super excited!!!)”

“My three most profound changes in my mindset from taking the program are:

  1. Refusing to take low fee clients, not discounting my service;
  2. raising my standards on how I’m willing to be treated;
  3. not seeing others in my field as competition – wishing my colleagues well – not seeing scarcity – there’s room for success for everyone.

Prior to the program I viewed money as an object and the desired goal in itself – to amass or get more of that object. I now see money as a manifestation of my wealth consciousness, or merely as a tangible way to measure prosperity. Although I do have money goals, the overall goal is to live a life in which I’m serving my purpose and am in alignment with my values; rather than a goal of earning money.”

Ofra Obejas | LCSW, Family Therapist, Redondo Beach, CA

“The three top strategies and tools I learned that can make the biggest difference in my business and revenues

were being grateful for the seen and unseen in my life; tracking income and paying myself first – all of which I did not do before coming into the program. Thank you!”

Ebony Coston | Event Planning, Owner of On Cloud Nine Events

“In one short month, you’ve shifted my mindset and gotten me open to such a different outlook that I’m really grateful for your insight, Marla.

It has been an incredible journey, and yet I know it’s only the beginning. You will all never know how much VALUE you (the group program) have brought to my life – each and every one of you! My business will one day be where I want it because of the support, guidance and affection you have all shown me. Gratitude.”.

SAMANTHA CROWLE | Green Lifestyle Designer

“I had told you before that I’ve noticed significant growth in my Pranic Healing business since I began your VIP Coaching sessions. Now, I can give you the numbers to show you what I mean. . .

In 2012, before I began your Money Mindset training, my annual Healing income was $2700. After I took your course in the spring of 2013, and partially implemented the techniques you shared, my earnings in 2013 were $7350. And after calculating my earnings in 2014, I’m happy to report that I earned over $15,000 last year for my part-time side business.

Here’s the more important part, to me. . . As your marketing advice has helped more people learn about Pranic Healing, my small client list has grown to over 60 targeted people, pets, and families, and I was able to help more lives improve physically, emotionally, and financially by performing over 200 Healing sessions last year! Thank you so much for all your help!! I’m super-excited for additional success in 2015 and beyond!”

BILL HENCKE | Firefighter/Paramedic/Pranic Healer, PranaMedics 

“Thank you Marla for your Money Method Breakthrough coaching! I appreciate the abundance perspective that you’ve given me. The world needs more wealthy women!

Higher income allows me to travel with family, more time with them, I’m more productive in fewer hours, and less stress. Thank you & I wish you the best of success in getting this message out to more women! $$$$$$”

TONIA SHUMP | Personal Coach/ Business Consultant, Believing in Possible 

“My most profound mindset change was I was able to shift my core beliefs that I had centered around my parents belief system that had been passed over to me.

I no longer allow my old belief system to hold me back. I have a new language and awareness around money that I did not have before, which I am passing onto my children.

The technique I learned in the program that can potentially make the biggest difference in my business and revenues was I have reorganized my energy around money as well as my business and office. I now see money as an energy source. I didn’t appreciate money as much before the program which showed up in my habits. I now have a greater respect which is reflected by keeping close attention to all areas of money.”

CHRISTIE MACARTNEY | Transformation Coach, Speaker, Author, Holistic Health Consultant

I appreciate Marla Dennis not only for her expertise, but for her kindness and understanding throughout the process.

As a doctor of chiropractic I have the pleasure of serving many people and that is the greatest thing about my profession and my vocation.

Reaching these people with my message of health however is not something that is taught in professional school. And with the advance of the internet and social media and me not growing up in the computer age let alone texting and tweeting, it is of little surprise that I found myself needing help with my online presence and getting my message out there.

Now, I was keeping up as well as I could…you know, I had a Facebook page and I was posting and slowly building a following and picking up a tip here and there (sound familiar?), but my message was never consistent nor did I have a strategy for it being so.

I went to a social media event and was taught a way to find certain types of people on Facebook and it worked. That is how I found Marla Dennis and I’m sure glad I did. She was able to lie out a strategy for advancing my “brand” through my newsletters and social media.

As I’ve learned over the years (sometimes the hard way) that business runs best on systems, and that is exactly what Marla had to offer. She laid out a plan and then walked me through it showing step by step how to recirculate my articles through different media outlets and how to schedule and manage each post to maximize the effectiveness.

Applying her system has allowed me to interact with my current base more often and effectively and also to expand my reach to others who otherwise wouldn’t have found my messages. I appreciate Marla Dennis not only for her expertise, but for her kindness and understanding throughout the process. She is truly an asset to all who seek her help.”

DR. DAVID NOONAN | Chriopractor and Isagenix Executive

“The most profound shifts I experienced around money was the strategy of expansive energy visualizing results in the present tense and paying myself first.

My fear and anxiety around money has basically disappeared. This has caused me to become more confident in myself and my abilities; seeing money not as an enemy but as a friend. I have always thought of money as something that needs to be held onto – a finite resource. After completing the MBM course with Marla, I now feel and view money as an infinite and renewable resource to be used, invested and spent and of course, enjoyed.”

KATE BROWN | Contemporary Abstract Artist

“When I started on a re-branding process with Marla, we began with how I was in relationship with money first, much to my surprise, I had a very quick major breakthrough I didn’t even expect!

By healing my “money story” and replacing it with a powerful new mindset and new story, I up-leveled to a new ME and a bevy of creative ideas for my new brand emerged! The dam broke and now I can see my whole new brand and its components. WOW! Thank you Marla – what a breakthrough!”

LAURA WEINTRAUB | Entrepreneur, Speaker & Author

“Wanted to thank you again for your PRICELESS input at the mastermind last week. It was really a turnaround experience and we are already taking action steps on your suggestions.

You are a wizard!!! Thanks!!”

WENDY KELLY | Creative Clarity Coaching

“Thank you for opening my eyes to see what I am really made of.

This is so awesome Marla!  I’ve never had anything like this (my bio story)!  All I can say is “WOW!”  I have big aspirations and confidence in my head but have never put it down on paper (my story).  I just never thought about my story. Thank you for opening my eyes to see what I am really made of. ”

MELANIE HANE | Realtor, Keller Williams