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Money Mindset Business Breakthrough

Together as a group of high achieving, authentic creatives, we thrive.

Purpose: Navigate a clearer path to higher, more consistent revenues without compromising your health, well-being, dignity, family or values.  To breakthrough to your next income level in your business, clean up unconscious “money stuff” and finally free yourself from fear, lack, worry, under-earning, procrastination, avoidance or other financial self-sabotage.

Result: I mentor you each step of the way to create new, empowering money habits that transform your relationship with money, increase your self-worth, improve  all your relationships, grow your business and live more often in your authentic, creative power.

The Details:

  • (1) Kick off full day live training with Marla and the group
  • (1) Last day live training with Marla and the group
  • (4) 90 min group calls with Q & A
  • (1) 3 hour mastermind group meeting in a local South Bay work space (WeWork or other)
  • Accountability partner weekly calls
  • Private FB page for daily masterminding, support, questions, and inspiration
  • Done for you handouts and templates
  • Audio recordings of all calls

Money Mindset Business Breakthrough

Next program begins September 13, 2017

What you will learn:

  • Upgrade your wealth consciousness to support you in making bolder choices and stronger boundaries
  • Transform your money story to a new normal that raises your confidence and empowers you to no longer settle for less than you are worth
  • Make decisions easier. You will feel a surge in your self-worth. And you will see an increase in your income or salary.
  • Raise your money vibe so you attract more abundant opportunities, higher quality clients, and a peace of mind that sticks.
  • Pinpoint exactly where the money leaks, drains or blind spots are in your business that are silently robbing you of self-worth…and what to do to move to the next level before any more time flies by
  • Get a simple formula for discussing money in life’s most important situations — such as with a spouse, friends or family – including how to eliminate money-awkwardness and replace it with courage and confidence
  • A step-by step process to claim your Genius zone and how to eliminate confusion what to focus on every day that will bring in higher revenues
  • Define new boundaries that support you doing your business in your own terms
  • Re-engineer your pricing strategy so you eliminate that constant request for discounts
  • Learn my client guidelines strategy that sets you and your clients up to have a respectful, enjoyable working relationship
  • How to take control of your calendar that guarantees higher productivity, less guilt and more family and personal time
  • How to build your business around your lifestyle; not the other way around
  • Be part of a high achieving, success-minded, no excuses group of entrepreneurs upleveling together. No more DIY!
  • How to step into your “masterful” creative entrepreneur mindset that eliminates doubt and moves you into higher rates.
  • You will feel empowered to make new choices that make you happier.

“Knowing my value in terms of pricing and holding firm on my pricing was one of the most profound changes in my mindset during Marla’s Money Mindset Business Breakthrough program.

The increase in my pricing was a long-time coming, but Marla helped me make sense of it and be confident in my new rates.

Marla’s consistent empowering truth – “You cannot grow your business until you grow yourself” was also profound for me. Simply put, I have to grow as a person before my business can grow. Self-care.

I have begun using her branding strategy – “Branding is who you are and NOT what you do.” I learned everything I do and share online is part of my individual branding. Share and be visible for more than what I do as a DJ. Be a thought leader!

The sales funnel system she taught us, which starts with qualifying interested potential clients via a questionnaire whether they fit my ideal client qualifications – was great I LOVE THIS FORM!

My money relationship prior to her MMBB program was I would not include everything I earned as part of my financial review. I had leftover issues from when I was a child and my father would take my money and put what I had earned up on the family calendar. Marla helped me work through that and get past it. The combination of this and the concept of staying firm with my rates and knowing my value has transformed my money relationship. Thank you!”

Amani Roberts, DJ | Producer | Professor – The Amani Experience


“In the year that I have known and been working with Marla, so much has shifted in my life. I have taken a stance in my business and have been brave enough to hold myself accountable rather than hide behind the unknown, which I had been doing in the past.

Due to my conditioning with money, I had never really taken myself seriously as a business owner. I’m now in my eighth year as a wedding photographer, and I’m finally stepping into my power as an expert.

I have learned that in order to move forward, I need to look back at the decisions and patterns I’ve developed and address them. While working with Marla, we not only acknowledged and addressed the issues and shame that accompanied it, but worked through those fears.

I am now more confident in my sales techniques for my services and respectful of my own time and energy that I am giving to my clients. I’m excited to further implement Marla’s tools in my business and continue to grow and build my various streams of income!”

Molly Hauge
Molly + Co.


“During the first month of coaching I landed the highest paying client in the history of my business.

Marla’s program has given me the confidence and tools to design my business accordingly to my lifestyle and goals rather than building my lifestyle around my business.

I changed my money relationship. In simple terms I used to avoid money all together. I now keep track of all sales and expenses and look at my numbers daily. I also increased my credit score by 30 points in only a couple months!”

Jennifer Sanchez
Social Savvy


mmbb2Let’s liberate you as you learn:

  • How to easily raise your fees
  • How to increase the results of your sales conversations
  • How to create empowering boundaries that free our time and up-level your confidence
  • How to work with more of your ideal clients
  • Release guilt about past money mistakes and upgrade your self-image about money
  • Reveal and heal the link between men (or partners) money and you, freeing you to end arguments about money so you can create peace and harmony in your household



“Prior to the Money Mindset Business Breakthrough Program, I was feeling stuck in my business and lacked confidence in my abilities and myself.

I was playing it safe and doing what I knew I could do easily. I wanted to build my self-confidence and do what I love and not just what I was good at. I wanted more for my brand and myself.

I started my business to create unforgettable weddings for couples and build lifelong relationships with them, but I was finding that there was a disconnect between what I wanted and what I was actually doing. I was booking clients to fill up my calendar, no matter what discounts I had to give or package I sold (mostly the bare minimum).

I was finding myself feeling unfulfilled. I wanted more. A friend of mine invited me to one of Marla’s workshops and I said I’d go, not really knowing what to expect. Within the first hour, I had a huge breakthrough moment and even wrote in my notes “hire her”. I was so inspired by Marla and couldn’t wait to learn more in her 90-day program.

I am happy to report after only a month of mentoring I now really BELIEVE in myself and my abilities to produce amazing weddings for clients who truly value having a wedding planner. I am creating boundaries with my business and personal life so I take care of myself and others in a health way. I am ridding my surroundings of negativity and creating an uplifting environment that makes me excited and happy to wake up int eh morning and get the day started.

I am so incredibly grateful for the lessons that Marla has taught me. It takes a lot of work and persistence to change, but it is beyond worth it. Thank you so much for your guidance and support through my journey to becoming the best version of myself.”

Aimee Takumi
Wedding & Event Planner


“I wanted to thank you for everything you’ve done for me.

I feel good about myself. I feel respected, strong, brave and appreciated. My marriage is better than ever. I feel more rested. I’m organizing things with work and my life. I seriously think you are amazing and I feel very lucky to have you in my life.” xo

Valerie Gordon, Wedding Planner and Designer


Dates: This program is offered 2x a year for creative entrepreneurs ready for their next level of success. You must be in business a minimum of 2 years to be considered.

To apply for a private call with Marla to explore if you are a fit for the program, please complete the short application below. Our team will respond to your application within 24 hours. We carry a waiting list for the program year-round.

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