Parents and grandparents of newborns, toddlers and teens…are you modeling this behavior?

Today's parenting responsibility requires the juggling of so many moving pieces while raising a healthy, well-adjusted, happy child. I remember the joy and gratitude sprinkled with fear, overwhelm, and uncertainty while raising Taylor as a single parent. I used a ton of faith, love, defined boundaries, inspiration, discipline, and holding an intention with him of

{Countdown to ILLUMINATE Workshop} Her own Eat, Love, Pray Journey set off a reinvention of her life

Back in Sept 2016, Jessica Mendivil of Mendivil Events began a transformational journey with me that challenged her on several levels through many moments of uncertainty and fear around standing up for her boundaries personally and professionally. Simultaneously, we explored claiming her worth in her money relationship – only to breakthrough on the other side as a woman of clarity, power and liberation like never before. As a result, the people she chooses to give her time and attention to have changed. It’s as if she came “home” to herself for the 1st time. R-e-i-n-v-e-n-t-i-o-n.

{Early rate ends Wed!} His wife was thrilled when he shifted this one habit

Among the thousands of creative entrepreneurial women in the events and wedding industries, there are loads of brilliant, innovative men who rise to the top of their craft and raise the standards in the industry. Robert Hilo of Hilo Productions is one of those talents I had the privilege of mentoring this past three months. He is a vibrant, handsome guy who turns melodies into memories for weddings, social and corporate events year round. His stellar music, production, lighting and Master of Ceremonies reputation keeps building momentum week after week.

Illuminate Your Path to Earning Power: Workshop 2017

Isn't it time you stop caving into discount requests for your services and stand for your worth and dignity by committing to your real rates and actually getting them? That's building a business based on dignity; not fear or lack. On March 22 you and your creative colleagues will learn the path to least resistance

Are You Wired for Wealth? Free Webinar January 24th

My new brand, "Stand for your worth and dignity" could not come at a more significant time in women's history. (Website launch coming) And I am darn proud of it and how it came to be.   Being on the front lines for the last 9 years mentoring women entrepreneurs seeking to gain their dignity

Are you Wired for Wealth?

Take a moment as you read this and take a deep breath. Seriously, lean back in your chair or stop walking if you are on the go and take a deep breath. Let’s be present together.   Ask yourself this "Am I wired for wealth or doubt?"   One of my three basic principles I

It’s time. Our country needs more purpose-driven women businesses.

Now more than ever is the time to develop a "purpose-driven" business and brand due to the condition of our country and the collective consciousness since November’s election.  There is a rumbling of serious change. We need to band together as women entrepreneurs to raise humanity through the work we do in the world.  

Your Personal Growth Is Not Meant to Be a Secret

How many times have you hesitated to "blow your own horn" about a personal growth success to your social media communities or even one-one conversations with friends and colleagues?   From today forward I am giving you permission to be the "Tall Poppy" that inspires others through being a role model of courage, dignity and

What’s the GIFT in your challenge? MMBB starts Oct 19th

Confession.   I caught myself in overload to the point of almost exhaustion the last few weeks.   Silly me, I thought I could "go with the flow" but my Spirit and Soul knew better.   I stepped away. Took an inventory of my heart and its wisdom.   I listened. I let go. I

This beauty artist was brave and courageous. So can you.

She mustered up the courage and bravery. Here's her story.   She is a beautiful, dedicated mother of two bright, active daughters in their late teens, a passionate permanent make-up artist in Orange County, meditation teacher, and evolved lovely soul.   Jen came to me during a women's networking event in January of this year

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