Eat Play Love: 10 Simple Truths Living Like an Italian!

With travel comes new experiences, new cultures and new mindset shifts. It’s for those reasons there is a trend happening in the world with those who have a love for human potential and self- development. It’s called transformational travel. The ancient poet, Rumi, has a beautiful quote that speaks well to this – “Travel brings

A new way of life requires radical courage. Lessons from Italy

Personal growth always precedes business growth. This is one of my signature affirmations I teach my clients. Most of my clients in my community are heart-centered and spiritual. They learn during their coaching program that their business idea originates from their soul and their passions. It’s an expression of who they are. They are

Hello from beautiful Florence, Italy! First times for anything is a game changer regardless of age!

Buon Giorno! 20 years ago I began a dream to work and live in two places – Italy and California. Everyone in my life came to know this. I kept talking about it year after year. Dreaming of someday… Initially I just wanted to travel to Italy filling my heart with the culture, art, people,

Embracing Desires & Taking Action for A Life You Love

Imagine 1:1 attention for a ½ or full day with a wise, compassionate mentor uninterrupted to elegantly examine what is holding you back from excelling in your business, living your dreams, or being the best you know you can be. That is a Private VIP Intensive and you are worth every second of it. I

Power Up Your Consciousness with High Frequency Language!

Summer is here and I am loving it! You, too? Life is good and I am grateful. Stick with me - I’ve got plenty to share! I know intellectually you get how powerful it is to be conscious of the words you choose to speak at any given time. But do you actually pay attention

Surround Yourself with Those Who Celebrate and Champion You

It’s time to celebrate! And today we are talking all about why you need to surround yourself with those who celebrate you, champion you, and make you a better person. One of the benefits of hanging out with the right tribe and people is that faith is contagious. When we surround ourselves with those going

Why Living in Alignment is CRUCIAL to Your Happiness and

I don’t know you but I am ready to finish the last half of the year feeling vibrant, ALIVE, happy, accomplished, confident, validated, and fulfilled! Right?!! Speaking of fulfilled...I have an inspiring story to share about a client that brings home the deep importance of making choices that are in alignment with your top values

Why Your Personal & Professional Success Shouldn’t Be A Secret

How many times have you hesitated to "blow your own horn" about a personal growth or business success to your social media communities or one-one conversations with friends and colleagues? Often we dim our light to make others feel more comfortable but what we don’t realize is that as businesses we have the potential to

Your dreams and goals are meant to be manifested. Do you do this to “activate” your vision?

"Yes. yes. I understand, thank you." That's what I said when my mentor recommended AGAIN to create a vision board for my dreams at this stage in my life on my path to a higher level of living and fulfillment. I asked myself, "Does this really work?" I had to go re-read my journal and

Isn’t it finally time to stop settling?
No more negotiating your truth. I did this to transform.

No more settling. No more negotiating your truth. This is the conversation I had with myself several years ago and again this year when I looked at my life and realized I was ready to up-level my wealth consciousness, boundaries and go after my new dreams We have to come to a time when enough

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