Isn’t it time to simplify? All-of-it.

Simplicity. That's my new motto. Simplicity in everything I do, feel, think, and see. You, too? Today our lives have become much too complicated, demanding and overwhelming. I experienced a stark difference in how we Americans live vs. Italians when I lived in Florence and Rome for a month in August. So much that


How much wealth and luxury are you willing to receive?

When I mentor my clients on higher sales conversion, raising their rates or accepting higher caliber clients, they learn it always begins by exploring their own wealth consciousness. The first place most entrepreneurs look to when they are not bringing in the revenues to their liking - they assume it's outside of them causing


A Personal Story: The Journey to a New Normal

The Power of Transformational Travel Traveling to a foreign country and staying for an extended period of time is a remarkable transformational experience. It’s right up there with any self-development course you invest in that evolves you. In travel, you are required to let go of your agendas and usual habits and


Do you want to attract success more readily?

3 Steps to Get Started on the Fast Track! I know I am probably singing to the choir on this topic, but it's always a good reminder! When you consciously and actively remove the energy drains in your life and add enjoyable activities that increase your energy, you can systematically create a life that


Are you aware of your tolerance level to JOY and HAPPINESS?

Did you know you have either a low or high tolerance for consistent joy and happiness in your life? It’s similar to our tolerance level to pain and stress; but think positive vs negative. Most people have a low tolerance to consistent joy. In other words, they can only tolerate so much joy, good, abundance,


Are you The NEW Renaissance Woman?

She lives her life richly fulfilled. Who is she? The fall season begins next week! Do you have your plans mapped out for the last quarter or are you relying on your beautiful intuition to make choices that feel joyful, in alignment and inspiring? The latter is the new women's leadership style. On Saturday


Eat Play Love: 10 Simple Truths Living Like an Italian!

With travel comes new experiences, new cultures and new mindset shifts. It’s for those reasons there is a trend happening in the world with those who have a love for human potential and self- development. It’s called transformational travel. The ancient poet, Rumi, has a beautiful quote that speaks well to this – “Travel brings


A new way of life requires radical courage. Lessons from Italy

Personal growth always precedes business growth. This is one of my signature affirmations I teach my clients. Most of my clients in my community are heart-centered and spiritual. They learn during their coaching program that their business idea originates from their soul and their passions. It’s an expression of who they are. They are

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