Time is precious. It’s Creative Living: Simplified Luxury

For the month of March, I’ve slated it as Creative Living: Simplified Luxury. This is where you are invited to examine and redefine what luxury means to you. Living an amplified, colorful, fulfilling creative life does not always mean bigger, more opulent and an over-the-top lifestyle. It’s a personal discovery where you look at,


Beginning Guide to Creative Living: Simplified Luxury

Hi Creatives, I was recently glancing through a Ralph Lauren online magazine where he weaves a beautiful theme and location around his latest designer wear. This issue I was drooling over was photographed at his longtime owned Jamaican cottage "White Orchid" at the coastal enclave of Round Hill for relaxation and creative re-energization.


Stellar Branding Platform that Inspired Me to Buy

I want to share this interesting shopping experience I had this weekend that proves how vital a solid brand platform that speaks to your target market will convert to sales. The last few months I’ve been researching furniture stores online and offline for a new sofa. I wanted a certain look and style. I


Free Valentines Day Gift for All My Creative Entrepreneurs

Happy Valentine’s Day! Giving you some love and nurturing today with my very special NEW audio. During the life of a business, the owner will evolve and change and grow. That is part of the richness of the journey we chose when opting in as an entrepreneur! Right? Those changes can be a gift


Setting You Up to Win: 6-Step Roadmap to Money Goals Success

Perfect timing! One of your "high pay-off" activities as an empowered, savvy entrepreneur is forecasting your revenues and planning for the year ahead. This activity is working "on" your business vs. working "in" your business. Anything that relates to the vision of your business and actions that support it is working on vs. in.I'm gifting


Marvelous Mrs. Maisel: The REBEL Brand

Buon Giorno! Binge watch this weekend! I so enjoy when art imitates life. Of course that's the purpose of the development and writing teams for TV shows, original series and films. Pop Culture, right? Well-- they hit it on the mark with this one. "The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel" new HIT series on Amazon


How Travel Inspires Creative Renewal

Buon Giorno! This week I am taking you on a special detour to Italy. You ok with that? (I thought so). My love affair with Italy will be a forever thing. When I have a chance to share ideas how to go about creative renewal – relating to travel and especially to Italy

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