How Travel Inspires Creative Renewal

Buon Giorno! This week I am taking you on a special detour to Italy. You ok with that? (I thought so). My love affair with Italy will be a forever thing. When I have a chance to share ideas how to go about creative renewal – relating to travel and especially to Italy


8 Questions to Ask Yourself to Be More Creative in 2018

Your life is about to get more colorful. More alive. More real. Let's start 2018 with something unique I don’t believe too many coaches are doing…setting your intention on Creative Renewal! The short answer to what is creative renewal -- it’s a new relationship with your creative self – the place where ideas,


4 Ways to Create & Cultivate Change

As a life-long advocate for creatives and women in the arts, I had to speak up about this one. No holding me back. On my desk sits this article. Just when you think we made a ton of progress with women’s empowerment and their creative careers – looks like we have much more work to


Are you feeling it, too? Creative Renewal is in demand in 2018

What is creative renewal? Have you been feeling a sort of restlessness tugging at your heart, soul, and spirit? You are not alone. It's everywhere. Creative renewal is a fresh look at life. It’s a renaissance of your life. It’s a renewed curiosity; a humbled vulnerability. It’s a new intimacy with yourself. It’s a


2018: Claim Your Creative Renewal and Rebirth

It’s time to look back over the year as you give yourself much needed self-care this month. Ask yourself what worked; what not so much. Which challenges inspired change for the good (gifts in the challenge)? What did you celebrate small and large? The most important question is - where could you focus more attention


Living a creative life is an amplified life. You ready?

Are you familiar with international best-selling author Elizabeth Gilbert? Does EAT, PRAY, LOVE ring a bell? Life changing book and expert. If you are unfamiliar - she is the author of that amazing book which was made into a movie starring Julia Roberts. Even though Elizabeth had been writing successfully for years prior to that


Vogue Editor-in-Chief Anna Wintour’s 10 Tips to Success

Hello Beauties! Great reading for Thanksgiving holiday! - Snuggle up with a blanket. We are fortunate to have iconic mentors at our fingertips by searching on Google. The other night I was on YouTube searching for a video unrelated to my topic here and I happened upon a few videos of Anna Wintour, the iconic

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