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How many times have you had that intuitive voice ever so quietly say “Time for a change. You have gone long enough with being out of sync with what lights you up.”

And you, the committed, dynamic and ambitious creativepreneur or professional, responds by thinking “Oh, I’ll stay focused on the next goal and the next success and that will bring me back to center.”

Well, that is not entirely true.

The more effective path is a clear attention to your inner voice. It’s attempting to call you out on your most vulnerable self to assist you in a remarkable renaissance of your life, large or small.

That is the beginning of creative renewal.

Briefly, creative renewal — it’s a new relationship with your creative self – the place where ideas, art, innovation, inspiration and powerful shifts originate.

For the creativepreneur, artist, innovator, creative director, thought leader or visionary, creative renewal is a fresh look at life. It’s a renewed curiosity; a humbled vulnerability. If you are an artist of any form, it’s a re-claimed part of yourself you may have neglected for a variety of reasons.

It’s recognizing and embracing you are a channel to bring a higher level of your talents, more of your solutions, ideas, and innovation to your business and the world.

Creative renewal is a brilliant wake-up call.

You learn to take action in your business and personal life based on what FEELS right, rather than what you THINK is right.

Let’s dive into this allowing the change to happen without your need to control the outcome. Shall we?

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