There something so alluring, so inviting, so enticing, about a sexy, bold brand.

But our daily lives filled with overwhelm, multi-tasking, worry, stress, self-care, and achieving while running our businesses ends up numbing us out! Result? We are very disconnected from our senses.


I define SEXY as confident, vibrant, alluring, appealing, empowering, talented, charming, intelligent, grounded, authentic, and inspiring. So what’s the mystery behind exuding that sexy, bold, sensual (connected to your senses) type of vibrant personal brand? 


Celebrities have it. Artists of many kinds have it. World renowned authors, speakers, and leaders have it. You can, too.


Your compelling, influential brand begins with how you live your life and who you are; not what you do.



As a personality branding expert and business innovation coach for high achieving women business owners, in mid-2013 I evaluated my own brand. I found my marketing message and branding tended to have a “masculine” essence to it. As authentic as it was and it represented my talents and personality – there was something missing. It felt like the essence of what I was conveying or the words I used were more masculine and somewhat hard-edged rather than a flowing, sensual, feminine powerful energy behind the message. I wanted more of my authenticity showing up in my business brand! What was missing? (Does this apply to you, too?)



Read more to solve the mystery in how we can TURN MORE of YOU ON and apply it to your brand so you influence the masses in a brilliant way!